GMarket Haul

Wow. It’s been a really long time since I bought anything from GMarket.

This time round I decided to make a purchase as I wanted to order the 2AM’s 2013 Calendar along with other items.

Yeah I’m much of a Kpop fan, so I usually buy my albums or other Kpop purchases from Gmarket.

I made the order along with the calendars, a 2013 Diary planner and a HOMME single on 19 Nov.

The rest of the items arrived at Gmarket quickly except for 2AM’s Calendar which was only released in Korea on 14 Dec.

So basically I waited for nearly a month for my delivery!

Nevertheless! I received my order on the 16 Dec! Fast Delivery from GMarket!

Thanks you so much.

Alright! Time to unravel the box!

Look who sent me the box!! Hehe ^^

So as usual, the items that i ordered were nicely wrapped with bubble wrap like this and placed into a big  box 😀

Here’s item no 1 : Homme’s Man Should Laugh single. It was released in Korea in 2011. I didn’t bought the single back then so I have been thinking of purchasing the item since I wanted to collect all the singles and album that 2AM have released  (including all members). It’s really hard to find the copy now as there were only 5000 copies released for the single. Great that I found one through Gmarket Synnara shop.

Here’s item no 2 : Ceci December 2012 Issue!

It’s really a great purchase for me! Ga-in graces the cover for Ceci December 2012 issue. I’m really a big fan of her! Isn’t she pretty? ^^ She’s so sexy, and do note that I’m a female. Haha..  In addition, there’s a pictorial of Wooyoung and Jo Kwon, JJ Project and Wonder Girls’ Hyelim~ Ah great. I love JYP Nation so much! 😀

The 3rd item that I got was a 2013 Diary Planner in mint green. It’s going to be 2013 soon, so it’s time to buy a diary planner! I always know that Gmarket always have very adorable stationaries. and I really love to own one. So I choose this over many colours and design.

Yeah I also bought the cute stickers. The text are in Korean but it’s ok for me since I understand the language.

So here’s the inside of the diary planner. Neat and colourful! Shall use it wisely throughout 2013! 😀

Alright at last! I want to talk about 2AM 2013 Calender!

Ah I really love this year’s packaging! There’s also a DVD of the BTS included..  There were many closeups and I love especially the part whereby Jinwoon was playing the guitar ^^ One of my complaints for this calendar is that there’s no Jinkwon (Jinwoon + Jo Kwon) because they are my favourite pairing in 2AM (besides the babo duo Seulong and Jinwoon haha)

I shall let the pictures do the talking~ Please enjoy some of the pictures taken! 

Ending off with some of my favourite photos of Kwon! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I feel great to be able to see 2AM on the calendar for another 365 days 😀

Overall, this has been a great purchase. I’m really tempted to make another order in December with all the shipping discount for fashion and etc going on in G Market!  Yep, aside from Kpop, there’s just so many things I can buy in Gmarket. Food! Apparels! Stationeries1  I love shopping in Gmarket!

[ENG/ROM/JPN] 2AM – For you ~君のためにできること~ (For You~ Kimi No Tame Ni Dekiru Koto) Lyrics

Written by :  Kenn Kato
Composed by :  Katsuhiko Sugiyama

Credits :

[ENG] @IAM_CLOUDY (Twitter) [Cloudy’s Eng subbed videohttp://telly.com/CXHG8 ]

[ROMANIZATION]  http://twilight-paradise.net/ 

[JAPANESE]   http://jplyrics.com/

Colour coded :  Blue :  Changmin, Green Jo Kwon.  Purple : Seulong,  Red : Jinwoon

Title: For you ~Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto~
Artist: 2AM
Release Date: 2012.09.12

2AM – For you ~Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto~

English Translation : 

  I can’t put it into words

Because you may leave me


Those tears were overflowing

Because of the pain in my chest, I could not say anything

Why only just now that I realized that I love you?


Only if I were him

I wouldn’t have let you shed those tears

My true feelings can’t  be expressed anyways

Because I don’t want to lie to you


To give back the smile on your face one day 

I will sacrifice my all for that

I can’t put it into words 

It’s also the thing I can do for you


The question “What should I do now?”

Just because of those unsuspecting words, we’re falling apart

If only  you could throw the memories away, you would easily move on 


If that’s the thing you want

I will accept it all

Even if I were laughed as a fool

I still want to continue  protecting you 


My place inside your heart 

Now it’s like a mirror of sadness which captures me inside


I can’t put into words

Because I understand that pain

If one day I can give back the smile on your face

I will proudly tell you this feeling


When I can put it into words

I hope you will receive it with a smile 

 I can’t put it into words

It’s also the thing I can do for you. 

Romanization :

Kotoba ni… dekinai
Kimi ga kiete shimaisou dakara

Afuredasu sono namida ni
Mune ga kurushikute nanimo ienai
Naze imasara kyuu ni
Suki ni natte shimatta ndarou?

Moshimo boku ga kare naraba
Keshite nakasetari shinai kedo
Hontou no kimochi ga ienai kuse ni
Uso mo tsukitakunai kara

Itsuka kimi no egao wo torimodosu tame
Boku no kono subete wo sasageyou
Kotoba ni… dekinai
Sore ga kimi no tame ni dekiru koto

Dousureba ii no? nante
Muboubi na hitokoto de, mata tooku naru
Omoide wo sutereba
Sugu arukidaseru no ni

Moshimo kimi ga nozomu nara
Sono subete wo uketomeru kara
Kireigoto da to warawarete mo ii
Soba de mamoritsuzuketai

Kimi no naka de boku ga irareru basho wa
Ima wa kanashimi no kagami no naka
Kotoba ni… dekinai
Boku mo sono itami ga wakaru kara

Itsuka kimi ga egao wo torimodoshitara
Chanto, mune wo hatte tsutaeru yo

Kotoba ni shita toki
Kimi ga hohoende kureru you ni
Kotoba ni… dekinai
Sore ga kimi no tame ni dekiru koto

Japanese :










What was my disappointment about.


Most of the tweets from IAMs are happy for me, but deep inside me… I’m depressed not because Kwon didn’t answered to my questions but….

My biggest regret as an IAM has always been being unable to watch a 2AM solo concert. I got the answer directly from him that there won’t be a concert here, which means I’ve to fly to other parts of Asia if I want to watch their concert. I know he’s apologetic about it as this is not something within his control and perhaps it’s Big Hit’s planning or there isn’t a strong demand in Singapore (because ballads ain’t the mainstream here and everywhere in the world) or that the locations here are too expensive. Money and time is a problem for me because I’m not even working part time and I would have started school during that period. I don’t mind travelling for just 2 days 1 night flying back and forth and heading back to school the next day.

The problem was I already headed to Seoul in April after pleading my mum that I really wanted to but she only agreed to let me go because I’ve completed my diploma. And after looking at the stuff I bought (because she thinks that I spent like a spendthrift there), she said she won’t allow me to go to S.K. And since I couldn’t go to S.K unless I start to work and earn my own money, the only way is to wait for a concert in Singapore but it will not happen in the near future. I don’t know what sort of reaction will she give me if I tell her I want to go to Hong Kong or Taiwan just for the concert. Saying that I want go to the concert is easy, but all these reasons is making me stressful.

So far the confirmed countries are Hong Kong and Taiwan from reliable sources. I’m sure there’ll be more countries in the list but not yet revealed. Now, the only thing I can hope is there’s Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia in the list so that I could at least… head there to watch the concert at a lesser cost.

Disclaimer : This is just my personal opinion.

[Fanaccount] 120719 Video Conference with Kwon

I will just talk about what happened during the video conference for Singaporeans fans.

The video conference began once everyone was ready.

We were all screaming when we saw him who was wearing a red/white stripes top.  He appeared on screen while wearing “I’m Da One” glasses and the mask.

The media had 20 mins and the fans had 10 mins.

There was a couple of questions asked by the media like “Who he will like to work with”.

I remembered his answer was Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung Hwa for Korean celebrities and Lady GaGa for international celebrity.

And of course there’s the question about his high heels.. “Painful or not and etc” But  I wasn’t listening attentively and busy snapping photos and admiring his face.  He said that the 20 cm high heels is call “Nightwalker” and was brought back by Bang Shihyuk PD-nim from New York.

And there’s a random question asking him which animal he resembles and when does he thinks he’s an animal (wild)..

He said his neck is long so people said he look like a deer and I remember chipmunk was mentioned ^^

Another question asked was to describe the suitable music style of each 2AM member?

For him, he say it’s upbeat songs.

Jinwoon – Rock (of course)

Changmin – Trot (I was laughing when I heard this)

Seulong – Ballad..

And so while he was being interviewed by the media, I guess he got bored. He started making aegyo expressions on the screen and I was squealing.

WHY IS HE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO BAD I DIDN’ TOOK VIDEO. My friend will upload soon don’t worry.

Anyway I stop filming when it’s fans’ time.

I asked the first question. “Since you told a HK fan that 2AM will be going there soon, will 2AM be coming to Singapore too”..

Then he tell me “No..”  Sigh. I was disappointed, likewise i think the rest too though I didn’t talk to them. I think Singapore wasn’t in their planning ><

After that my friend said “Saranghaeyo” then he replied “Nadu” and all of us started screaming~

Most daebak part is when YL asked him when he’s going to MARRY Ga-in ^^

I looked at his facial expression. He was stumbled  and gave a “What is this question” expression.

Again I was laughing when the translator was translating to Kwon.

But he still replied “말도 안돼” (Impossible) when i obviously saw him laughing.

I don’t believe in everything after all the FAs in Beijing xD

After that I realized that no one was asking him questions.

So I asked him what he will be doing after his fansigns end this week

(But actually I already knew the answer that 2AM will be busy with their Japanese single, JYPN Concerts and Asia Tour) like what he replied to my question.

And then Nur asked him to sing  “Just A Kiss”.. At first he was a bit unwilling but then he opened the “Animal” album and started singing the chorus for “Just A Kiss”… Lol why do you have to look at the lyrics xD  Anyway.. I feel very fortunate to be able to hear “Just A Kiss” live exclusively. When he sang finish, I shouted “OPPA JJANG!”.

And so.. I asked him again if he’s coming to Singapore..But he said no and said other things but I forgot but  with a super cute aegyo crying!!! WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE!! I CAN’T RESIST!!!

To conclude, one of us said that we’ll always support him and love him and hope he’ll come here T_T

The end.

Overall it was a unforgettable experience though I was disappointed that 2AM didn’t plan to come to Singapore. Does that mean I’ve to fly to Hong Kong or Taiwan? T_T


After everything ended, I was called by the xinmsn person to film a video for them, along with YL and Valerie.

Then we talked about our thoughts winning this contest etc.

You will see us on xinmsn  website soon I guess  T_T

In conclusion, I wonder why the fans behind me didn’t want to ask questions. Perhaps it’s because the media asked all the questions and they didn’t knew what to ask. But if you’re really a big fan, I don’t think you have nothing to say to your oppas. At least saying a “I love you”,  “I always support you” is better than nothing. This is a rare chance. There’s many IAMs wanting to come to this event but they couldn’t make it because of school or work. Sigh. I’m glad that I called Nasha along with me today. I’m sure she enjoyed it ^^

Thank you for reading ^^

The Present And Future.

I’m not really someone who likes to blog but I just want to type here since I’ve so much uncertainties that I couldn’t possibly list everything down on Twitter.  I stopped blogging about my Korea trip because I’m really lazy and it’s really time consuming when I’ve other things to do.  Anyway lot’s of events have happened since I last blogged.

I had my graduation ceremony and gotten my diploma officially.  And also, I gotten an acceptance offer to study BSc in Hotel Administration in UNLV Singapore. I feel that I’m really lucky because I thought I wouldn’t be receiving an offer since I think that I did badly during my interview compared to the guys who had the interview as me in the room. Besides that, I knew that my GPA is not fantastic though it’s  above average. My diploma isn’t relevant to Hotel Administration at all, so I’m paranoid that I’ll not be given this chance to pursue my real interest.   I’m really grateful that I’m given this chance.

So what’s the real reason I wanted to pursue a BSc in Hotel Administration? I’ve a long story for this.  Firstly, I’ve always been interested to pursue a job in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.   One of the interview question I was asked was why I didn’t chose a relevant diploma back then. Well, again my O Level results isn’t fantastic enough to choose such a popular course, and hence I could only choose diplomas that I’m qualified to.  Engineering is not my cup of tea  at all because I’m weak in Mathematics and Science.   IT is  a male predominant  course too, but I’ve a slight interest in Web Design and Photoshop when I was younger. I always wanted to know more about this field since I personally think I’m quite IT savvy  so I choose to study Diploma in Information Technology in Singapore Polytechnic.

However, life as a IT student isn’t as simple as I thought. I’ve to learn programming languages like Java, ASP.Net and etc. I kinda flunked my Java module during my first semester because I was having difficulties understanding the algorithms.  But as I moved on to the second semester, Visual Basic is much simpler to understand and I started to do relatively OK for all my semesters except the last one since I’ve difficulty understanding the computer security modules once again.   As such, my cumulative GPA was dragged down. I could have gotten a better GPA if I could understand those technical modules better. Even for my FYP (Final Year Project), while my group mates are doing the programming aspect, I’m in charge of the design aspect since they thought that I’m better in design.   I realized gradually that I’ve been doing better for all those arts modules than those technical modules even if I don’t study really hard, with the exclusion of communication module since I got the worst grade in class.  No idea how I manage to do so badly for the module. I could have done better.  So I thought it’s perhaps better for me to pursue what I’m better at than to waste time on something I’ll never understand in my life time.

Secondly, it’s the job environment. I was attached to the IT department in Resorts World Sentosa for my internship. Being attached to there for my internship was really an eye opener for me to understand what’s the working world like.  As an intern, I was helping them out doing the miscellaneous stuffs. For example, whenever they are launching a new version of the system, I’ve to help them to verify if the system is what they are expecting by testing out different scenarios. The place where I sat in the office is so prominent because it’s along the walkway to the other tables in the entire floor.  All I did there during my 4 months of my internship is to do all sorts of testing on the computer, facing the computer 24/7.  The full-time staff there do have to go to meetings in the casino at times, but that’s not the main thing of their job though. Although I’m generally OK with the job, but this isn’t something that I would like to do for long-term in the future. I don’t like being restricted in my little corner since I love interacting with people, so obviously I must choose to study a different path since all IT jobs are kinda desk-bound.

Having the passion in your job is critical as this is probably what we’ll be doing until retirement. Many people may argue that hospitality jobs tend to have long hours and are low-paying jobs compared to those 9-5 jobs.  I’ve high hopes on the Hospitality and Tourism industry as I think that’s it’s a very profitable industry. The way I think may seem naive but  pesonally I love to travel, so I think having an job in this industry will able to fulfill my dream of yearning to work in South Korea.

In order to work towards my dream :

I need to gain a certain proficiency level in Korean.

I need to get my degree with merit (hopefully)

I need to gain work experience.

I may be fangirling at the moment but I knew this is not how I want my life to be forever.  

But before I start dreaming about all these, there are problems presently that I need to resolve :

I need to fasten up my pace for learning Korean.

I need to finish up my matriculation, including the health checkup which I haven’t did.

I need to do well for my degree before I can continue daydreaming.

I must always be tactful about what I said.

I want to have a better physical appearance.

I want to meet someone that I can depend on for the rest of my life.

For the present & future :

  • I must always be mindful of what’s my goal and work towards it every day.
  • I must always remember how my idols work hard for their studies despite their busy life and aspire to be as successful in life too.
  • I cannot give up even if I faced adversities, and in fact I must learn from it.

 May my dream come true one day.

D-3 Seoul Searching – Gwanghwamun, King Sejong Museum, Insadong

D-3 : 11 April 2012

Day 3 in Seoul! Took the subway from Hansung (Line 4), transferred at Chungmuro(Line 3/4)  and then aligned at Gwanghwamun (Line 3) station. Then I went to Exit 3 which is where Kyobo Bookstore is directly located at. 


I got carried away with the amount of books inside Kyobo!  You name it, they have it! But all the books are in Korea of course except the foreign books section. I went to find the magazine section first but unfortunately I couldn’t find the fashion magazines that 2AM/BEG were featured in for April issues so I didn’t bought anything and went to the “Learn Korean for Foreigners” section. Then I start to hunt for any useful books that I could buy, but couldn’t find anything ideal till I saw these 2 Korean grammar books. I did not really study diligently with it but I sincerely think that it’s a very useful grammar book that provides detail explanations and sample sentences  in both Korean and English.  This series is worth buying for Korean learners.

Actually I took more pictures in YP Books (Another major bookstore in South Korea but not as well known compared to Kyobo) =/

I got out of Kyobo bookstore with my loots and gradually got hungry because I only had peanut butter bread + milk at the guesthouse. And then I saw an ajumma selling   Bbopki (뽑기) for 1000 won near the escalator near a building. Bbopki is a traditional Korean candy which consist of sugar and baking soda.  Probably only people with sweet tooth will like it. Haha I just have the thought of trying it since it’ll probably be my first  time and last time having this chance to do so.

Went to eat Kimchi Jjigae at this place that’s across the road for lunch before I continue with my journey 🙂

Being at Gwanghwamun itself,  I must definitely visit the prominent King Sejong statue that’s right in the middle of the Gwanghwamun Square!

Ta-da! Great King Sejong statue! Great King Sejong are one of the 2 kings that were conferred the “Great” title.

There were many people, including locals and tourists  taking turns to take pictures in front of the statue.  In front of the statue, there were replicas of some of the inventions by King Sejong himself.

Looking afar, it’s Gwanghwamun!

However,  I visited The Great King Sejong Museum first which is located directly below the statue 🙂

King Sejong.

King Sejong is the inventor of Hangul, aka the Korean Alphabet.

Zoomed in and took this. Some sort of a replica of what is it usually like in the Joseon Dynasty era.

The prestigious seat~

History of Great King Sejong.

It was a great eye opener to visit this museum to more about his glorious history.

And yes! Gwanghwamun! One of the must go places to visit when one first visits Seoul!  Isn’t the architectural so exquisite? Gwanghwamun is the main and largest gate of Gyeongbokgung. It’s the landmark of South Korea’s history during the Joseon Dynasty. It has gone through several times of wear and tear due to disruption. It’s been open to public since 2010.

Guards in colourful costumes~

The ticket counter is full of tourists and locals even though I visited on a Wednesday afternoon.

Bought the ticket and ready to enter!

People and more people flooding the place xD

Here’s the prestige emperor seat..

I love this picture. I took a lot of pictures in Gyeongbokgung. Felt so good to walk here and enjoy good scenery. I don’t even walk that much when I’m in Singapore.

Enjoying the scenery..

Yeolsangjinwon Spring

Went to visit National Folk Museum of Korea too, which has an exhibition on Korea’s famous folk song Arriang.

I took very little pictures because Photography is not allowed actually. There were a lot of different kinds of exhibitions dated from the past century till the present. It’s an eye opener for me, but sadly most of the information are in Korean so it’s not that tourist-friendly. But I think only those who are more interested in Korean culture/history knew about Arriang

After that I walked out of the whole palace and walked straight further towards the direction of Anguk (Insadong).  Past by a Starbucks outlet along the way, and thought that it would be great to have some Iced Mocha here to rest for a while before exploring Insadong.  I love being here because there’s free WIFI!

Arrived at Insadong as I walked straight further and crossed the road!  It’s a long stretch of road filled with artistic atmosphere near Anguk (Exit 3) . You won’t miss this place even if you’re lost because it’s very happening there. Here’s the start of the famous Insadong street.  Well above GS25, it’s the cafe that Goguma couple have visited but I didn’t visited because that’s not my main purpose of the trip.

Insadong is definitely the place to go in Seoul if you’re looking for traditional handicrafts, paintings, tea pots and other souvenirs to bring back home. There’s lots of traditional Korean handicrafts here like this traditional mask above named  탈 (Tal) and many more.

Arrived at Ssamziegil in Insadong! Ssamziegil is a shopping complex where you can buy lots of accessories, handicrafts shops, art galleries and get in touch with Korean culture at the same time!

A caricature stall near the entrance of Ssamziegil.

Inside  Ssamziegil.

And finally I saw a stall that’s selling 똥빵 which literally means dung bread. It does not contain dung of course 🙂 The selling point of it was the design of the bread. The filling inside is red bean, and it’s best eaten when hot. Very delicious!

Sikhye, Korean traditional drink that’s make of fermented rice, sugar and etc, which are commonly found in Jimjilbangs.

The packaging is so cute!

So I bought 3 for 200o won! I couldn’t took a picture of the red bean filling inside as I do not have hands ><

I wished I have the money to buy the pretty accessories there.

Lot’s of fantastic artistic/ love dedications can be seen here..

More food and handicrafts.

I only bought a Korean fan for 3000 won but i love it a lot 🙂

Walked further and saw a lot of people queuing for this Hotteok stall.

Freshly fried  Hotteok filled with brown sugar that it’s so scalding hot that I dripped the brown sugar onto the floor.  It may seem oily but it’s not.

And I bought 2 notebooks of these colourful & cheap notebooks at a push cart before I heard home to end my tiring day.  Didn’t really want to buy but it’s so colourful and cheap so it’s something worth to buy after all 🙂

So this marks the  end of Day 3 in Seoul.