It’s been 2 weeks since the start of my holidays, and so far it’s been a boring one. I’ve been rotting at home for quite a while, dealing with the crappy connection with Starhub. I’ve been job hunting, and I finally received a email that I’ve been selected for Lenovo’s Notebook promoter 😀 Pretty self explanatory that I’d be busy from 11 Mar to 14 Mar for IT SHOW 2010!I’m pretty fine with the payout, at least it’s better than the previous job I’ve applied which was fully commission based. I’ve to attend a training at Sim Lim Square on Tuesday late night.

Hoho, my dream of buying a iPhone is getting near!

As for my job, I need to be aggressive in getting sales for commission of course 🙂  I wonder what kind of quota I’ll achieve,  but I think I should at least sell 3 netbooks/notebooks a day. If not it’s really damn pathetic.

Alright, I’m going to school tomorrow. Elaine invited me to FCC’s Farewell BBQ for seniors. It would be held in Moberly. Come to think of it that I’ve not eaten BBQ food for a long time too, that’s since chalet with secondary schoolmates. Haha, but it’s unhealthy so I’ve to eat moderately =x