I went to the BBQ pit near Moberly and joined JCC/FCC members for their Farewell session. Although I don’t really know them personally, they were friendly and I had a chat with a few of them who are graduating. Certainly they enjoyed their session! The guys are playing this “endurance game”, to see if who can tahan having their hands in the salted water the most. If you’ve not imparted your Science knowledge back to your primary school teachers unlike me, you’d have know that it will increase the water’s freezing point 🙂 Regular BBQ delicacies are certainly appetizing. My favourite food are OTAH and secondly, satay. I had 4-5 of them *opps*.  The session lasted the whole afternoon, and I left with Elaine as she heads to work.


Basically I was rotting at home today as I’ve nothing better to do. Just kidding! I wanted to be an otaku as I would be out quite frequently next week. I finally got my Adobe Photoshop and  Dreamweaver working! It’s really a tedious process for me because I’ve to download and do all sorts of things to get it working. I can start to follow on Web Design Layout Tutorials to improve on my skills 🙂  Spent my time watching 1 episode of 女人我最大 and 康熙来了.

Anyway my air con is back at last! I’m so happy. Now, my room is super cold.  Can you imagine? Yesterday I’m under the fan all the time  and it’s adhere to I’m sleeping in a sauna. I also confirmed with the person in charge that I’ll be attending the training and working for him for the IT Show today.

I’m heading to bathe now. I awaits for Tuesday’s training and IT Show 2010!


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