Being Human

I went to watch 《做人》 or Being Human at Yishun GV today.

Being Human movie poster

Overall : 7/10

It’s a typical Jack Neo movie, Singaporean style. Some parts are touching and filled with laughters. “Yao Yao”‘s dad acted quite well, i read that he’s king of getai. Jack Neo’s mistress Wendy Chong acted too. She look even more “路人” in the movie than her usual self.  NoNo was funny, he acted as the hallucination figure of Mark Lee.  Mark Lee’s acting seems pretty alright with me. I don’t like that they use the time machine or rewind method to film this whole movie. But i believe it depicts a sensory experience for the audience. However, it’s kinda ironic that the moral teachings of this movie doesn’t reflect on Jack Neo’s personal life 😛

Tandoori Chicken Set

I went to eat Tandoori Chicken set at Northpoint’s Food Court after that. It’s a very popular store and it’s always people queuing for it. I’ve been eating it since 10+ years ago when I’m still staying in Yishun. It’s rare to find such delicious Tandoori Chicken sold at Food Court too 😀  The chicken was tender, the sauce is great and the nasi bryani was well cooked.  I never seem to forget this delicious dish, even though I moved out of the estate long ago. Look out for the stall if you’re in vicinity. You’ll not regret it!

Tomorrow marks my first day of work in IT Show.  I hope to familiarize everything tomorrow before the crowd start coming for the rest of the days. At the same time, I’ll need to chiong sales.  I need to look through notebook specifications on the brochure again tomorrow.  In the meanwhile, I’ll be in hiatus and I’ll only online for a while at night when I get home. Haha! Most probably I will sleep early today as I need to report at 10.30am tomorrow. I will be at Lenovo’s main booth (Level 4) for the IT Show. Personally I love Lenovo, but I think the only downside is the quality of the graphics card which might disappoint gamers and that’s why they need higher end computers.


PS : I notice this blog’s hits increased. Thanks for those reading once again.


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