IT SHOW 2010

I was working for the IT Show under Lenovo for 11/3 to 14/3. Overall, it was very tiring.  Not only we the promoters must stand for continuous hours, we also have limited time for lunch/dinner as that’s the peak hour.The commission also sucks, but better than nothing as there’s still basic pay.Made some friends over the IT Show, and after the event ended I added some of them in my Facebook. I talked to Brenda more often, and there’re some people that I never really talked to but still added them anyway.

There’s this regular part timer (I dunno her name anyway) who seem to misunderstood my words of being disgruntled of their act of collecting Facebook emails during work time. By one look, I know we belong to people of 2 different leagues as she’s more appealing and resembles like a regular clubber. I don’t mean clubbing is bad but, we are indeed people who would never click together so I just forgo the chance to befriend with her. Anyway she talked to everyone except me and another colleague. Looks like she is very prejudice against me, because I’m short, fat and ugly in her eyes probably.  But why should I be bothered when I don’t see her anymore?! I should be happy and embrace new friends!

Overall I sold quite a number of the $999 notebooks which has only $5 commission (FML!). I sold only 1 desktop and it was a rather lucky deal as the customers just came to me that they wanted to buy. They recognise me as another salesperson because what they told me is not what I’ve said and as a result we’ve to throw in a lot of freebies for them. After the announcement of the extra commission for each warranty sold, I started to promote the advantage of warranty and 4 bought it. Compared to others, I sold really little but it’s not a very big gap anyway.  They haven’t really informed us to collect the basic pay yet and commission pay will come much later.  Oh my…! Gotta go Sim Lim Square to collect at the ripe of the time.

There’s 1 month left before I commence my Year 2 in SP. Next Wednesday on 24 March, I’ll receive the news of my S2 results. I don’t know what’s the outcome, but I hope my efforts will not be in vain. No matter what class and option i’ll be in for new academic year, this would definitely marks a new beginning for me. As Year 2 workload is even heavier, I should really embrace the remaining holidays! There’s still a lot of things I want to do and learn!  Ok that’s about it for my update.

I’ll probably blog again when I know my results, stay tuned to my twitter for daily updates 🙂


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