S2 results in 10 hours!

I’m very lazy to blog in WordPress because I felt that it’s more convenient for me to tweet at any time , than rather typing chunks of paragraphs and not knowing what I want to type next. Haha, i guess my memory is failing on me as I’m getting older each day.

Over at SG Club, I was typing a super long post on a thread in SG Cafe about social life. Frankly speaking, I find that my social life is very mundane for a 19 years old to be. I shall not explain further details here though.I just hope that I can improve on my low self esteem and people will learn to appreciate my good points better. I hope they will stop sterotyping me with the latter impression. I’m not referring to anyone in particular but this is what I really felt, so I hope no one will be offended by my words.

So today! I met Yu Rong and Wei Ling at Plaza Singapore. It’s been a long time I meet them especially Wei Ling. We were having a hearty conversation at LJS while Yu Rong was having her late lunch. I was very tempted to eat but in the end I only ordered Ice Milo. We went to arcade to chill out a while, and I seriously sucks in all those games so I doubt I will visit frequently again. After that, we went straight down to B2 to buy Yogurt. It was a first time I’m buying from Yami Yogurt. You know what? I always tend to order the same thing as the previous customer when i’m so perplexed on what to order. Haha! Call me a mimic but somehow the act of copying is good! I love the combination of yogurt and honey oats! Definitely I’ll try it again if i’ve the chance.

I also happen to saw a CHIC magazine for sale. OMG! There’s so many shopping recommendations inside, and it’s so much better than those teenage magazines! (Ok I cannot blame them as my change of preference may be due to my growing years). I want to their loyal customer in the future! 😀

Very soon i’ll received my semester 2 results, which is TOMORROW. I’m damn nervous because I know I didn’t do very well, but definitely I’m coping much better for my programming module. Oh.. I’m happy to hear upon that my friends did well for their semester 2 and they got better cumulative GPA now. I hope I can share the same enjoyment as them tomorrow (:

God Bless! (I’m a freethinker though =/)


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