The Aftermath

I guess the excitement of receiving the exams results is over.  Majority had their GPA dropped, while some has a slight improvement in their GPA. I know a lot of people had their GPA dropped, and they are very disheartened about it. Never give up hope! Study harder for future exams 😀 Overall, I’m happy with my results as seen of the screenshot I’ve posted in my previous post. Yes, GPA increased from 2.9 to 3.073. I’m happy with it of course, because this means that my efforts are not in vain. I shall continue to keep up with the good work for Year 2 and Year 3! 😀

I believed in this proverb, “What you reap is what you sow”. Nothing hides my excitement for my results, so I publish it as my status  about how I feel about my results and that’s all. I don’t like broadcasting my GPA in high traffic pages like Facebook as everyone will be looking at it. I think that’s the limit, this GPA topic is too personal and sensitive that not everyone is so willing to share with others.  However, I’m fine with publishing over my Twitter and WordPress, this is my personal space though it’s still open to public.

“所谓有人欢喜有人忧”.  There’re always people celebrating, and we must not forget the fact that they are people who are disappointed with their results. They are moaning, crying, grumbling of their results. Some people may also have a tint of jealousy and may be eating sour grapes to those whom they categorised it as “attention seekers“. Well, I’m not good in my words and I do not know how to express it by beating around the bush like someone. But I could clearly evaluate what’s the tone and sarcasm behind it. All I want to say is, if you want to flame others because of their good results, there’re a lot of people out there and not me. If you think that such an act is very attention seeking and not being humble at all, what about those students who had fantastic results and being interviewed by media? Ain’t they feeling exposed as the whole country knows about their results?

I don’t like talking to people whom I have totally nothing to talk about. It’s pointless for me to befriend with them. I’ve no problems talking to strangers or friends I rarely meet even for the first time. Though I’ve friends who have different interests as me like Anime,  but at least I have endless topics with them.  However, if their addiction is very strong, I’m unable to understand their interest, and I’m unable to enter their “world”. I don’t wish to change myself to complement others in terms of friendship.

I shall awaits for my Year 2 Option results which I dunno when is it. I hope i’ll make it to  HOT, but it shouldn’t be a problem since I’m also given the eligibility for Diploma Plus?!

Cheers 😀


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