Random Post

Muscle ache on my limbs are killing me. The excruciating pain does not seem to fade away even if it’s the fourth day. What’s more ironic is I’ve not been exercising at all. I must have strained it from my regular walking.

I feel like buying some basic makeup, but I’m not bothered to buy now because I’m not going out as often.

I’ve yet to receive any notice to collect my pay for IT Show. What a hoax?

Probably I’ve to wait 1 week more to receive my new timetable. I can’t wait! I’ll be choosing The Revealing Eye in Digital Photography for my next GEMs. I’ll decide on the timeslot again once I received my new timetable. Damn! A lot of people did well for their exams too. Will it dampened my chances?

I’ve nothing to update. So I’ll stop it.

PS : I love S.H.E’s new album SHERO. It’s way nicer than their previous album, FM S.H.E 🙂


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