Ris Low as a 987FM DJ

This post summarized what I want to express for this incident. Well written!


Can I stop hearing her voice on 98.7FM?  I’m totally annoyed by her already, be it her blog posts or her broken English. As a DJ, you need to be fluent in English. You must be able to engage audiences and initiate interesting conversations that can makes us laugh. I understand that some netizens sympathized with her, and hope that we the public would not condemn her. However, she had did so many condemnable mistakes. Why should I be so forgiving? I wonder why the HR of Mediacorp wanted to hire her as a part time DJ in 98.7Fm. Is it for media publicity?

It’s ironic that she doesn’t know  who’s Adam Lambert and only knows after Shan play a song of Adam’s. She mistaken 1600 as 6pm.  She hates Jade Seah for no reason, and classified her as “Shingz”. She pissed Rozz in the middle of the show as Ris Low claims she needs to leave early yesterday for a media event. Rozz must have tolerated her for quite long, and having to be so emotional after she said that .. she might leave the station.  And right now, it became “Shan and Ris” show till further notice.

I love how Muttons disses Ris Low.

“Are you stupid?” becomes “Are you Ris Low?”

Anyway, I hope that Rozz will cool down and  back to Shan and Rozz show WITHOUT RIS LOW.


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