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Hi readers (and whoever reading this blog)! I haven’t been updating because previously there isn’t much updates.I shall start my entry on the new timetable and modules.

The hype of waiting for SAS and Blackboard to be updated is over as the timetable is up and the modules are finally viewable. Here’s a peek into my timetable without the GEMs.

By the look at it, it looks very sucky to me.  Especially on Thursdays, because my lessons are from 9am to 5pm thanks to my elective. However, one thing that’s  good is I start lessons at 10am, so I won’t have much sleep withdrawal syndromes especially on Mondays with Monday Blues. But I’m pretty excited as some of my lectures are going to be held in the effing cold MLT 11.  Oh yes, I’ve got Business Operations Management (BUOM) which is the elective I wanted.I’ve looked through the content of all the modules in Blackboard, and I realized I got a lot of theory intensive (What I meant is it’s more linguistic) modules except WEBA. I guess I’ll have a hard time memorising the contents for BUOM, ELIT, IHOT, CRM,DEUI.  The most important module for this semester will be WEBA. To me, WEBA is a mixture of VB, Web, Database and Javascript which is something I’m rather fine with it. Haha, I’m going to choose a Wednesday slot for my GEMs!

I’m also having combined lessons with some of the classes.

BUOM : It’s a elective for HOT Option. So it’s going to be with some of the fellow HOT students from 06.

ELIT Mass Lecture : With All DIT Stage 2A IS/ES/HOT classes.

CRM Lecture :  With all from 2A/06 HOT class.

WEBA Lecture : With all ES and HOT classes.

Anyway, I was looking at my class list in the new SP Student Portal, MIKE .  Half of the names seems alien to me because they’re from 1A classes and I don’t know how to pronounce one of the names. So I’ve to consult the person personally already (: You know what, I don’t even know a 1A/24 class exist when i was in Year 1!  So I guess some of my new classmates are from that class. And i didn’t realised there’re actually 2 guys from 02 in my class. I hope all of us will spend a great time with each other with our remaining 2 years in SP till we graduate 🙂

I’ve changed the side bar to my schedule for my own convenience sake.  In addition, I’ll probably update on FOP and my updated timetable next 🙂 Till then!

PS : I’ve finally finish typing this post after 1 hour!


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