All because of interest.

2 people may not know each other at all in their lives. However, they may just happen to  bring about a topic which both had interest in, and they could engage a conversation. It may be a friendly talk, a sales promotion or etc. I’m amazed how my friends from 2 different places I know them from, just happen to meet and know each other. But little do they know that they actually have mutual friends. Maybe Singapore is small, and therefore this is common. If this happens within a big country, isn’t it amazing?

Talking about the world, Amazing Race 16 Episode 9 featured Singapore. Compared to the first feature which was dated back to 2002, the latest episode featured more on Singapore’s heartland and it’s latest attractions like Marina Barrage and Singapore Flyer which will let international viewers have a better glimpse of the old and new mix of Singapore. The taxi drivers are full of integrity! 1 uncle bought 10 ice creams for a team during the detour, and another one guard-hold his customers despite an team attempt to steal the taxi.

I’m finally done with helping out of DMIT. Overall it’s enriching and fun despite the “surprises”  that had happened.

Tomorrow I’m going to Bugis and school for CMCC FOC meeting. Saturday would be a rest day for me, and Sunday I’m going to Party World for K before school starts officially on Monday!


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