First Day of School, Year 2.

Like I’ve mentioned, I went to Party World yesterday with a friend. Overall it was fun and entertaining but I’m not really familiarize with some of the songs I chose, then end up I anyhow sing (: Thanks for the session dude once again! Then after that I watch Star Awards Show 1 on TV. I thought the skit part was lame and a waste of time. I also kind of expected all the winners of the day except for Nat Ho. I don’t know why he won when obviously Elvin Ng and DYT also has large fan base! Ahhhhhh, and I’m so freaking disappointed that Aunty Lucy aka Chong Qing didn’t won any awards yesterday! I hope he will win Best Variety Host and Top 10 Popular Male Artiste next week!

Just at the juncture I’m watching TV, I’m feeling so giddy and feverish that I popped an Panadol pill and I slept before 11pm. I doubt I’ve slept at such a early time even during my secondary school days.  But thank god I’m well for school after a night’s rest, and hence I went for my lessons. However, I still have a bit of throat inflammation so I still have to take note of my food intake (:

Today marks the first day of school, of my 2nd Year in SP. Overall, not as excited as Year 1 as I would have known what are expected.  Mainly for the  first day of school, the lecturers were giving an introductory speech on the module that they’re teaching and nothing else.  And so, I finally get a glimpse of my classmates and I doubt I remember all their names now. I only remembered a “David Lin Jun Jie” in my class, because it’s easy to remember. Everyone are in our comfort zone being with our classmates/buddy classmates, and me too. There wasn’t really much interaction going on.  Apparently, I know more names from the 06 buddy class. I mean not necessary they must know who I am, but at least I have a rough idea how they look like.  Yeah, so I’m surprised 2 more people whom known me  recently are in 06 buddy class. Though I don’t see them as much as my own class, but I’m happy to see them around. And one of them is CMCC active member! OMG! I don’t even know he’s from DIT HOT too. Gosh, FS didn’t told me anything about him except his name.

And I’m really sorry to those who attempted to call my name but I haven’t been responding to you. Haha, maybe it’s because I haven’t realized it or simply because I have a short term memory and I haven’t registered your names or face in my twinny brain yet (: This is a sign of getting older day by day!

I look forward to my future lessons, but certainly I’ll have a hard time with my assignments soon. Eg. My elective Business Operations Management which requires a extensive research for reports/presentation!  Business modules are certainly different from the programming modules that I previously took.  We also have formed groups for BUOM assignments. That’s fast right? There’s IHOT tomorrow, and I’m lovin’ it because it’s all about Geography. Probably I won’t be blogging that frequent but I’ll still blog about my modules. Till then.

PS : I need to get Adobe CS4 installed soon as I need Flash for DEUI and Photoshop for my GEMs since it’s Photography.


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