Striking a balance

Day 2 of school is consist of 3 hours IHOT and 30 mins of CRM. Day 3 consist of DEUI Lecture, ELIT Lecture and Photography GEMs. Though I love  Geography, having 3 hours straight of lessons in the classroom is indeed a killer. Term 1 is mainly about Tourism, and term 2 is on Hospitality. The lecturer did some icebreaking games with our names and our birthday months. But it seem that everyone of us can’t recognize each other yet, this would take some time before having the kind of class bonding as seen in ELIT Mass Lecture! I’m so happy to see everyone sitting together though we’re like separated into our various classes in the MLT. Hahahahahaha, can’t wait for WEBA lectures on Thursdays on Fridays too 🙂

DEUI seems boring to me though it’s talking about the efficiency, practicality and usability for design on-screen.  Perhaps it seems like a common sense thing for me rather than a theory-based module.

Gotta get started to take more photos for the GEMs class. The theme is “Extraordinary out of the Ordinary”,but I’ve no idea where I want to take photos at and I only have time during the weekends to complete this task (:

It’s a long long day from 9am to 5.30pm tomorrow..  And I hope the Popular auntie’s words are true that my BUOM textbook is available on late Thursday/Friday. Shall get it on Friday instead, since I got so much time on that day.

It seems that nothing is like before. Everything is back to the same starting point. I often ask myself, “When can I get to the final destination?”. Maybe we could only be best friends forever (:


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