I realized that I always have a lot of ideas on what to type, but ended up typing rubbish. There’s actually more I wanted to say!  But I do not how to put it in a interesting way and I’m lazy to type a lot at the same time (:

I’ve always been a blog stalker. I read blogs of people that I don’t even know them in reality, and I don’t mean celebrity bloggers. They may be people who don’t know me personally, but I may used to be in the same organisation,group as them. So out of curiosity, I read their blogs to know more about the lives that they led which is very different from mine.  I’m also a blog stalker of a secretive blog that I don’t think the blog owner knows. Actually through this secretive blog, I get to know him better as a friend because I don’t talked to him. Somehow he gives me a cold aura and like very hard to communicate to although he’s a nice chap.  Ok in case you’re wondering, it’s someone I know in reality from school. Sigh, if only more people do that! I can know them better!

Listening to WEBA lectures can be a entertainment but a torture for the ears. The lecturer may be HIGH and ECCENTRIC for  minutes, and another 5 minutes he’s talking in a serious tone regarding the importance of the module. 3 of my Year 1 classmates are questioned by him, and the one I’m laughing the most is none other than the joker in the class.  I hope I can understand the module through tomorrow’s practical better! I love anything that’s gotta do with WEB!

These few days I’ve been observing my new environment but I won’t be commenting much here.Yes, I know such things cannot be rushed and  it takes time to know them better as things may be different from what I perceived.  I happened to know that  noticed that Guy A and Guy B know one of my classmate because they got some mutual connections? Somehow I’m observant and notice a lot of things that others don’t usually care 😛 Don’t know much about her at the moment yet too. Only know she’s more of a outgoing person to me. And a lot of guys like outgoing girls, so it isn’t surprising. Unlike me who’s just an ordinary Plain Jane that is simply too.. ordinary (:

I finally ate some cough syrup for my fucking throat! And I think it’s working 🙂 And I got hold of my BUOM textbook and it looks super chim (:  I’ll spent my whole day in school despite my lessons ending at 12 noon tomorrow. Looking forward to my weekends before more assignments are coming soon.


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