More horror to come.

Week 1 of school has officially ended, but there’s more horror to come in the future since all the deadline of the first assignments are in Week 5. I think I was too tired for the whole week down that I took the whole afternoon taking a nap just now. Feel so refreshed and energetic after that! ❤  My throat is getting better, but I’m still going take the cough syrup later though I hate it. The syrup colour is deceiving! Isn’t the colour PINK associated with sweet?! (:  And so, I’ve to settle the photos for the GEMs lesson too. Arghhhhhh, freaking lazy to shoot photos as i do not have the inspiration yet.

I spent my whole day in school on Friday, and I was slacking around at the Hilltop Library and later in CMCC clubhouse. I bought  Polar‘s Chicken Pie at FC5 Cheers then I bought another Polar‘s Otah Pie at Hilltop Library without guilt because I was trying to find something to eat. But it was freaking nice, so I would buy Polar pastries again!  Then I suddenly remembered about activating my CS4 so i quickly went up to the com tech, and as usual they were some Year 1s girls there who look super young to me.  And when it’s 4pm, when to T1751 where DMIT CLUB is having a retreat for all FOP helpers. So I went there talked to Siow Ying for a while, then left immediately the VIPs left as I don’t know others who are in the room and they treating me like transparent except the DMIT CLUB President because he’s asking me about my course and he wished me good luck because he’s also a DIT HOT Year 3 student. Haha thanks!

Sigh, the downside of being a Year 2  is the programming lectures and practicals being separated unlike my Year 1 times when Lin Zhao or Mag can keep supervising us on our mistakes. And so self discipline comes into place, as more self study have to be done to keep up with the lecturers’ pace. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH, and to make matter worse I’m the last-minute-study kind of person. But NVM, I shall watch the videos later since I’m free anyways.

The cycle of the same timetable will go on continuously till the MST period. I’m looking forward to BUOM, IHOT, ELIT lessons but I’m kind of afraid of the 1000-2000 words reports/presentations that I’m going to do in the next few weeks.  Going to sleep earlier as for now for school days (:

Till then..


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