Week 3

Currently in my GEMs class, fucking bored. Because I always ended up using the notebook to kill boredom. But i’ll still listen to the lecturer speaking about the theory of Photography 🙂 Assignments are piling up day by day, and everything have to be handed up by Week 6. Here’s like the things I’ve on hand now.

  • ELIT Report on Intellectual Property  – Not yet discussed.
  • DEUI Report on NEL Line – Came out with the guildlines but haven’t pass to Ying Lin. Doing this week.
  • BUOM Report on Service Industry – Still in the midst of discussion during Practical lessons.
  • IHOT Presentation on Travel itinerary.  – Itinerary done by Ying Lin. Need to do Day 1 of presentation (:
  • WEBA,CRM,Photography – TBC.

Friday – Collect Commission @ Funan, Ip Man2, CMCC Logistics Meeting

Saturday – CMCC FOC Trial Camp, Research on NEL.

Sunday – Rest & do assignments (:

PS : Haha, Joanne Peh (Yes, the real one) asked me in Twitter regarding the cracked Apple apps! But I dunno if it will cause a lot of trouble for me and her, but told her anyways.  Actually I don’t know about the site till I saw someone in class surfing it. It seems like I know more about iPhones than those who are currently using lols!  Can’t wait for the iPhone 4G to be announced in 7 June! Hopefully I can get iPhone 4G after my phone contract ends in August, if my mum never fails to break the promise. I’ve pretty nothing much to update except for school. Till then!


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