Hi all, i’ve not been blogging due to time constraint, as I’m doing my assignments (:

Definitely I’ve to do my GEMs assignment tomorrow. I’m going straight home after WEBA lecture and after settling the DEUI report submission. And after that I rest a while before I go out to take my night photos. I’m thinking of shooting the Singapore Flyer and Helix Bridge. Haha.. What a common place lmao.  Sigh.. then self portrait I take during my break at home?? I gotta send it after i edit finish in Photoshop.

I’ve been observing people around all this while, and some people’s actions are not explanatory. Its like I don’t understand why they have to behave like this, do this shit and act as if the whole world doesn’t care about them ,but actually there are people who resents their acts.  Eg. Flirtatious people, Free-riders. Between these 2, I would say i would hate free riders more. Why?

Free-riders would affect my grades indirectly, but not flirtatious people.

I don’t give a damn them to those flirtatious people who are confident of themselves, and love to electrify the opposite sex with their mesmerizing appeal and friendly approach. Being a fashionista, showing off your beautiful and tonned body to the salivating male counterparts. I don’t mind befriending fashionista, in fact I admire them for their unique fashion sense.  I mean seriously, the power of their glue is really strong. I must say it’s an adhesive elephant glue. I’m never belong to this league of people, and never I will. It’s obvious I can’t bond with them.   They can continue to lead their lewd lives and seducing their preys. I don’t care as it doesn’t affect my life!

Ok byes. End of my rant.


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