Gain and Loss

There’s a lot of excitement that lies with my course mates about the upcoming Los Angeles/San Fransisco Overseas Immersion Trip recently.

Hey, it’s Hollywood in Los Angeles!

“Too bored of looking at the T22’s Red Bridge?”

“I wanna visit the San Fransisco Famous Golden Gate Bridge!”

A lot of them applied but due to limited vacancies (18 places for DIT), I doubt everyone will be granted the opportunity. Nevertheless, good luck to those applying. Unfortunately, I’m unable to go due to finance problem. MOOLAH! My sister is going US next year for 3-4 months, so I doubted I can go in the first place T.T Of course everyone is vying for the opportunity. I mean ,who would wanna do GEMs and sitting in the classroom for 2 hours? If the GEMs is something of your interest, it’s still pretty alright. However, you’d get freaking bored listening to the repetitive lectures (like me in my current GEMs) If it’s something that you don’t like, it’s even worse. What’s more, Overseas Immersion Programme provide students like us to experience a different academic environment, and understanding the country itself better.

This is definitely my loss i know. If i had the opportunity and means of going, definitely I will. I hate the fact that I’m unable to go to this trip.  Being confined at the little red dot, it’s not what I wanted.  I’ve been such a loser and the furthest country that I’ve went is only THAILAND (And do not console me on the fact that, “Oh! At least you have got the chance to get onto the plane!” And what about me? NONE!” ) It’s not like a shopping trip in Seam Riep or Chatuchak , it’s just a normal family outing. Speaking of which,  we haven’t been in overseas for years after that (: To begin with, my last overseas trip actually took place when I was Primary 5. WTF? I WANNA GO OVERSEAS AT LEAST BEFORE I GRADUATE FROM SP FOR GODNESS SAKE.

Another loss I’ve is not buying iPod Touch 16 GB last year, as I bought a iPod Nano 16GB instead, thinking that $400+ is a bit hefty.

The phenomenon of iPhone continues, with everyone including your auntie-uncle-student-friend-cousin-parent-stranger-ah tiong-manager-colleague have a iPhone on their hands.As I’m a frequent MRT passenger, iPhone is  ubiquitously everywhere. I would say I would at least see more than 5 people a day using their iPhone/iPod Touch.

With the upcoming Apple’s World Wide Development Centre (WDDC) in June 7, there have been rumours everywhere that Apple is launching the new iPhone 4G too.  There’ve been a lot of leaks everywhere in the Internet, be it Gizmozo or other websites which stated iPhone 4G leaks from a Vietnamese website. Anyway, here’s a glimpse of the iPhone 4G prototype found in a bar that a Apple software engineer misplaced it. It’s confirmed as Apple actually sends out a legal letter to Gizmozo to ask them to return the prototype that belonged to them previously.

I love the design as usual. There have been a lot of raves and dislikes from the iPhone community though.

Let us awaits for the iPhone 4G to be officially announced in 7 June! I can’t wait to grab one in August (if I’m still entitled to one and my mum never fails to break her promise)

In the meantime, school has never got better with MSTs coming soon in Week 8 i presume. But so far there isn’t much details on the MSTs revealed just yet. Oh well, maybe I should relax just a bit on Friday, which is also Vesak Day and equates to a PUBLIC HOLDAY!  OH YEAH!

That shall summerise my post for the day. Nights! 🙂


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