To the East

3 days of long weekend will come to an end as the minute hand ticks slowly towards 12 mn. I’ve enjoyed myself these few days.

On Friday which is Vesak Day itself, I headed over to East Coast Park with a few CMCC peeps for cycling.

(Pictures from Jia Sheng’s uploads in Facebook 🙂 )

Jin, Me and Kelly. There goes my twinny little eyes.

Zhi Xiang, Jin, Kelly, Me and Jia Sheng

Not forgetting Joyce senior!

Here’s some shot of a bicycle since there isn’t any in previous shots.

One EPIC photo that seems scandalous. Haha!

Then halfway through, Alicia and Han Sheng (If I never remember wrongly) came to look for us then we cycled to around 7pm+ till everyone back from after their nature’s call.Jun Feng came later to look for us, and some of us tried playing Sky’s skate who working as a trainer there. They tried all the way from the bicycle rental shop towards the underpass to Parkway Parade while the rest of us walked. I must say it’s quite hard to balance and it takes a little practice.

We went to had dinner in Parkway Parade’s Ajisan Ramen. 4 guys ain’t eating, except Jia Sheng and the girls.  Haha, because Jun Feng and Feng Shui 在做仙! So we are randomly talking about school and stuff. Here’s a picture of my Volcano Ramen. It’s totally spicy for people who can’t eat spicy food but it’s bearable for me 😀

(No photos for Day 2)

I headed over to the Asian Food Exhibition at Singapore Expo, which I registered with Elaine’s CCA SP Food Connoisseur Club.  Li Ling and Shahirah was there too. Then I was late a little, but everyone’s still there waiting for latecomers. Browse the place with the FCC peeps too. We ate a lot of things!  I ate Otah Bun. And others bought flavoured 蛋花,水煎包,Fish Maw Soup. Japanese Pork Sausage, Fried Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Gelato. Haha, I think I have pretty much sum up all the food we’ve eat. After that, I was alone and I bought Nougat and Stick tibits ( 5 for $3! )

Travelling to and fro my house to Expo was a hassle as I took 858 to Airport and then took a train to Expo. Though the waiting time for the bus was rather long, but it’s a good alternative than to squeeze with the crowd at City Hall. Maybe the crowd is lesser now with the new Circle Line stations.

Alright, let me bring back the topic to school. MSTs are coming really soon! For me, I’ve only 1 MST which is WEBA, but I’ve yet to revise. Maybe I’ll do so starting from Monday =/


Date : 8 June

Location : T2134

Time : 12pm to 2pm

I’m not sure if lessons are cancelled during MST week (I hope so) And after this would be HOLIDAY from 12 June to 27 June!!

A target for my modules in Semester 1 which I want to achieve.  It may sounds a bit unrealistic but I feel that I’m able to achieve it.  GPA increase GO GO GO! 😀







GEMs : A

That should sum up my post. Byes!


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