There’s a lot of things that I may dislike at the moment but all I could do keep it to myself and close one eye.

正所谓 :“忍一时风平浪静,退一步海阔天空”. 这简直在考验我的忍耐度。

I fell sick yesterday due to insufficient sleep and stress? For unknown reasons, I just happened to puke my breakfast while walking up the school stairs. And after that I feel sick, being unconscious and giddy.  I pulled my way though during IHOT presentation so I guess no one really knows deep inside me I’m feeling weak.  Luckily I did heed my friends’ advice to head home to take a nap. And after 4 hours of sleep, I’m better but still there’s recurring headache for around 2 hours. Popped 2 pills of Panadol and it saved me! (Y) I’m back kicking alive now once again.

WEBA MST is coming next Tuesday and I’ve yet to study!!!  OMFG! I have flunked previous programming MST (I got a D and C+)  and definitely I don’t want to flunk it this time. What’s more I’ve more time to study for WEBA now!!  And after that I’ve to complete all the piling assignments during the holidays =/ But the first one that I need to settle is BUOM because it needed to be compiled.

And anyway GEMs assignment marks will be out after the holidays. But I doubt I will get fantastic marks, since the self protraits photos I anyhow dig out from my files and submit. Tsk Tsk..  It’s not included in GPA either =/

I hope my friend return my stuff to me  soon because she seem to be in MIA mode all the time. I know I may be bad saying all this since she’s my good friend. I dunno, but I felt that perhaps my trust towards others have been exploited. To a certain degree, there’s more than it meets the eyes.  What’s more, I’ve a GEMs assignment which I need to hand up after the holidays.

Who wouldn’t have stress? It’s just how we perceived things differently that affect our way of doing things. Isn’t it?


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