Playfish Games Addict

Hello everyone! Haven’t been blogging as there are pretty nothing much to update.  I’ve been out for the whole of last week ; playing,slacking, cycling and etc.  To round up, there’s only 6 days left before SP students have to head back to school for Term 2 (6 weeks) before the YOG Break.Sad to say, I’ve lesser time to play all these games once Term 2 commences. I’ve been enjoying myself very much during this holiday period and I’ve been doing nothing except the BUOM assignment.

What I’ve been consistently doing daily :

Restaurant City!

Kiki at her living room.

Kiki playing with her toys.

Kiki helps to harvest fruits.

And then… Kiki’s enjoying her Flamingo Cocktail in the Kitchen.

I’m also busy building up My Empire, in Rome.

And of course Country Story, but I’m lazy to do a screenshot of it now =/

Current Dilemma :

  • 9 more days before my birthday.
  • I bought something from online and made my payment. Hope to receive soon by this week.
  • I don’t know when I’ll start doing my assignments. I don’t even remember the deadlines.
  • ___________ is in a relationship with ___________. When it will be my turn? But I’ve witnessed  a few breakups.
  • How’s my results for MST/GEMs? *worries*

Maybe I’ll spend my day watching WGM or other Taiwan shows. Till then 🙂


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