Last Day of Holiday.

Hi, I don’t really have the time to do much of a update because I’m lazy to update on my mundane life too.  Recently, I sweared my love for 2AM’s Jo Kwon and just yesterday, I went to buy this album. But not this album cover!

You must be wondering what for I’m buying the album, since I’m not someone who will really buy albums. It’s for the exclusive 2AM Showcase to be held in Singapore at 10 July, IMM.  My primary motive is to see Jo Kwon and also Seu Long and others! I mean it’s such a rare chance to see them! Who know when’s the next time they coming Singapore right? Showcase ticket + CD + DVD + Poster+ See 2AM live/sing = GREAT! But too bad I ain’t lucky to get the autograph pass, if not it would so much be a bonus. I’ll bring a camera for the 2AM showcase to spam photos on 2AM! 🙂

Sunday! OMG! It’s the last day of holidays before Term 2 starts! However, I still have the F21 Floral Wallet in mind. Sigh, should I go get it??

And yes, Monday have to return to school. Super sian ._. Come to think of it, I’ve not been doing my assignments either. That’s why I dread to go to school this time round.

Meanwhile, my birthday is on Wednesday. And certainly, I’m not excited about it as paradoxically I’m supposed to keep a low profile since I’m celebrating my age this year with a “9” at the back. This is just a Taiwanese belief.

Hate the fact I’m getting older and fatter gradually by each day. Till then.


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