2AM Singapore Showcase

(This post will be the exact same post I posted in 2ONEDAY.)

The official queue for 2AM showcase was opened at 9am. All the fans are queuing at IMM’s 4th story carpark before they let us enter the venue.
However, My friend and I overslept and we ended up reaching the venue rather late at 10am+.
And by then, a lot of fans have arrived and we could only stand quite far away from the stage.
When the time is nearing, a lot of us were pushing against each other, hoping to get a clearer glimpse of 2AM boys.
But i still managed to shoot some decent photos, though i got quite a couple of clear ones T.T
Sorry, my shots ain’t very good. There’re better ones around!

Shots taken around 12 noon+.

2AM πŸ™‚ I hate the person with that TRIPOD!

Jin Woon! Maknae’s killer smile πŸ˜€

Jo Kwon and Chang Min πŸ™‚

Jo Kwon, Chang Min, Seu long

Sadly, a lot of pictures of Jo Kwon are blur! These are the better ones D:

Probably, my best shots for this showcase. Seu Long!

Overall : I felt that the showcase was a little short, as I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF 2AM!! I hope they will come back to Singapore again, and have a showcase in indoors so that fans can sit down and enjoy. I’m glad that Jo Kwon had a good impression of Singapore when he tweet about it πŸ™‚ Tonight, they will be making a live appearance in Channel 8 Sheng Siong Show, and after that they’ll be heading straight to Changi Airport.

It’s a pleasure seeing 2AM live and seeing Jin Woon’s and Jo Kwon’s bright smile. Β Bon Voyage 2AM back to Korea! Β πŸ˜€


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