Inkiyago (July 18 2010)

Jo Kwon and Yong Hwa as the new hosts of Inkiyago, along side with f(x)’s Sulli! The new MCs also performed a special performance in the opening.

As much as I love Yong Hwa, I think he is awkwardly cool and has this really shy smile which melts fangirls.   But nonetheless, his same aged friend Jo Kwon is still my ultimate bias. My lovely Jo Kwon is so multi-talented lah! He know how to sing, dance and emcee and do all sorts of kkap stuffs so well 🙂 And he’s just so cute with his expressions and interactions with Ga-in in WGM too! Here’s a sneek peek of Adam’s couple wedding pictorial taken at Bail, Indonesia 🙂 SMEXY Ga-in!

And because of this shoot, the footage of ytd’s WGM was them going to a gym. Then i was glued  at Kwonnie’s muscles. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Sigh. I really look forward to watching more episodes of the defunct Family Outing 2 and WGM Season 2 after doing finish the problematic WEBA assignment. I can’t wait for the YOG break whereby I can help out in Singapore’s largest international event ever.  But i may have to pon lesson on one of the Tuesdays for the event training. Yeah right, for the sake of Singapore! It’s worth it 🙂 (Lol, I do sound like a patriotic person here.) Ya right, next month is National Day anyway.

Can’t wait to cut my hair, and I always wanted to dye my hair into some other colour! But I won’t dye some outrageous color as I can’t accept it myself.  That’s all for now. I need to wake up early to discuss BUOM Assignment 3 with other peeps tmr. Nights!


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