A Short Update

Hi all. I haven’t been updating my WordPress as I’ve been daunted by WEBA asssignment previously. And finally on 30 July 12 midnight, the assignment dateline is over. I reaped a sigh, however i expect more horror to come when the actual assignment interview begins. Most of us couldn’t finish the assignment (as expected) and many of us are being trapped by many errors which we ourselves do not know how to resolve. I’m sure we did our best, let’s work harder for our upcoming tests. And also not forgetting that I’ve a last assignment on hand, CRM Assignment 2. IMO, it’s rather lame assignment. Haha.. not hating the module but.. felt that it’s just an untimely assignment as I wanted to relax!

The highly anticipated iPhone4 has finally reached our shores! Thousands of Apple fans went to queue for the midnight launch at various venues for different telcos despite the well known “Death Grip” issue. iPhone4 is now completely sold out in Singapore! And further stocks will be notified for those who have made reservations for the smartphone. I also had my try for one of the demo sets displayed in a Singtel shop. Although I didn’t knew where the demo set will be placed initally, I knew it would be the area where a lot of people are crowded at! So I headed to the corner and .. ta da! The mighty iPhone4 is placed in the hands of lots of anticipated fans like me. I must say I’m really impressed with the Retina Display and the Camera/HD Video Recording’s Quality. It’s CRYSTAL CLEAR! I can’t resist the temptation of the high usability, technology, and intuitive product anymore!  I need to get 1!  But I’m really afraid of dropping the iPhone which definitely I think I’ll in the mean future D:

In terms of KPOP, I’m really crazy about SHINee nowadays with their comeback title track, LUCIFER. I absolutely love Jong Hyun’s sexyback. And of course, I think that SHINee’s live performance (vocals+dance) are kind of amazing given the difficulty of the dance choreography. I simply love all genres of music. I love music so much that i always think that I didn’t sang enough songs when I’m in KBOX just like today. Ugh, don’t you hate the feeling of being chase out by the staff due to the time restriction? If i’ve the means, I would have applied for Starhub’s Karaoke Channel long ago.

Sigh.. just hang it on for the CRM assignment and 1 more week of school. And I’m off in YOG break and I’m also having my YOG Volunteer Duties! At the meantime, most students would have made use of the time to study for the upcoming end of module tests. I’m having 4 tests, which are namely CRM, IHOT, BUOM and ELIT which is a mixture of 2 tough and easy papers.  I don’t know when I’ll start studying but certainly not now.

This weekends I’ll be happily in town again during the day and.. I don’t know when do others want to do the CRM Assignment 2. So I shall await. I know no one wanted to do this, but we just have to complete this assignment to round up everything to make it a beautiful ending!!


Ok that shall end my post. I’m so happy that I’m able to blog this post! 🙂


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