My iPhone 4

I got my iPhone 4 last Thursday (12 Aug) and today (17 Aug), I just got my mico SIM card working.  Anyway previously I haven’t got the chance to play with my new toy much before i was in my YOG duty and today is my rest day! The rest of the subsequent days would be morning shift would means i’ve more time to study for my upcoming tests and finish that DEUI assignment =/  Meanwhile, there’s still a lot of apps I’ve yet to download and explored. I also feel like organising my Internet bookmarks but maybe i shall only do that after my tests.  Compared to others ,I really have a lot of bookmarks!!

This is what I’m currently using in my jailbreaked iPhone. The retina display in iPhone 4 is simply amazing.

(And LOL, I just figured out how to take screenshot in iPhone by pressing the power button and home button simultaneously.

A Custom Wallpaper from the HD Retina Wallpaper app. I’ve a iPhone 4 theme but i decided not to use it first.

Ok that should be all. I’ll keep a look out for more apps to come! 🙂


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