The Month of September.

I haven’t been blogging religiously these days. All i did was to dump a few videos,my new iPhone 4, did some random rantings and that’s all. Previously in the month of August, I was busy with my YOG duties so my life was pretty much the repetitive process of wake up, eat, duty, home and nothing else. Maybe you’ll be wondering where i was stationed at, and I was at Swissotel which i would say “I’M THE MOST FORTUNATE YOG VOLUNTEER” because i don’t need to eat food like this as reported in STOMP.

What’s more I’m given food vouchers of MacDonald or Food Junction, and I’m stationed at the hotel lobby. Practically I was well taken care of!!  I didn’t work for the later week of YOG because I was thinking of “studying” for my upcoming end-of-module tests but in the end it’s rather fruitless. All in all, YOG has came to an end long ago and I would certainly missed the event. The inaugural Youth Olympics Games is indeed a milestone for Singapore legacy, and it will be well remembered by many in the years to come. On the last day of the YOG stint, everyone gathered and we took a photo. I would say i would certainly miss everyone, and will probably see them again on the Workforce Celebration Party on 16 Sept.

The thing that excites me was that the Workforce Celebration Party will be held in Universal Studios Singapore!! Ya-ya, I’m really a sua-gu that I haven’t been there yet due to the price of the ticket *cries*. My mum ask me to take more photos and I also want to bring her around Marina Bay Sands since she say she haven’t been there yet!

There’s a picture of the much-hyped Japanese NOC pin that I got, which I posted it on my Facebook and Twitter previously. I was like frantically so excited when i got this lah! And others that i went a bit siao. ROFL!!

And another closeup on the pins that I’ve managed to get 🙂

Ok! I shall jump back to my initial topic. As i was saying, I’m having my end-of-module tests right now.  3 papers (ELIT,BUOM, IHOT) are down, and I’m left with 2 papers (CRM and DEUI) which is each on subsequent weeks on Wednesdays. I’ll regain my freedom on the 14 Sept!!  Overall, ELIT paper was alright except that I didn’t memorize anything on the last topic of Confidential Info and Trade Secrets and Cybersquatting which is from CMA. And therefore, i didn’t really know how to do those questions except knowing a rough idea on what’s Cybersquatting. For BUOM, it’s was like a total nightmare for me when i saw the open ended questions. IT”S LIKE LITERALLY MY MIND WAS IN THE BLANK AND I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE. I keep staring at my paper, my watch and whatsoever. What a waste of time certainly!!

Today’s paper IHOT was rather alright except the fact that I didn’t bothered to read up on the different types of hotel terminologies that I didn’t know what’s MURPHY ROOM and what’s CAVANA. 4 marks gone for nothing which I would have easily read whereas I was able to answer 12 marks questions with ease.  I dunno, it just came up in my mind although i didn’t deliberately memorize the contents.

The aftermath of these exams would be 4 weeks of holidays. I’m sure those attached will be spending some lovey dovey times with their loved ones and people like me, miserably alone and without a soul mate like them have to make way for self entertainment such as going out with friends or doing something constructive like learning a new skill or etc.  I’m not envious or being sarcastic although what i’ve said may be exaggerating but it’s was indeed a fact after all. I don’t know, I really felt that such relationships matters cannot be forced. Yep, pretty much i wanted to be part of them but i was thinking. If someone were to suddenly ask you to be with him/her, and you do not develop any feelings AT ALL, will you be happy being in such a relationship?

So i think in the meanwhile, i just try to update and upgrade myself to be a better self.  I’m sure you’ll be out there, some place, some where that I couldn’t find you now.

After Semester 2, would be either ITP/FYP. And certainly, I guess I would be bashed upside down if i were to carry a bare face around. With the influence of beauty blogs, KPOP, friends and etc, I would really want to try out. Haha.. But i need a shopping spree in order to do that. I hope i won’t fail it though.

These would rather sum up my posts. Perhaps i’ll blog again after my tests. Meanwhile, I hope to meet up some friends during the holidays as definitely we have no time to meet after school resumes.

Random : I want to go to that Korean Pop Dream Concert!!!!

Byes 🙂


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