1 month more.

I haven’t been always updating my blog religiously because i’m always outside since my test ended on Tuesday this week.  I met up with my secondary school friends on Wed, then went to Universal Studios on Thursday for the YOG Workforce Party and the rest of the days, i spent it with Kelly. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS IS SUPER FUN!! I wanted to visit Universal Studios actually because i didn’t have the chance to try all the attractions due to time contraint.

I need a hair dye. I need to fix my dumb hair. I need to prepare what to wear for CMCC D&D. I want to control my diet.

I don’t think i got the Daiso stocklisting job that i previously went for an interview >< Damn! I don’t know if it’s because i irritated the staff for not leaving the place or what. Sigh.. so i guess that’s more free time for me and it means that i should use my money cautiously?

Anyway, 1 month later on 18 October 2010, it’s like the 1st day of  Semester 2!!! Omg, isn’t that freaking fast?

PS : I don’t even talk to you since i know you, and you’re doing such things to me and talking behind my back and etc?  TSK. What the hell? I hope i won’t need to work with you in the near future. Period.



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