Just received my results for Semester 1 yesterday! At first, I’m kind of shocked that I’ve a GPA of 3.565 for this semester!  Generally, I think my results was alright except ELIT which i got a C+. Maybe i screwed up the paper because i didn’t know what to write for some of the questions *hmm*.  A from CRM was unexpected because i don’t find the paper too tough or too easy. And of course IHOT, it’s kind of funny that i get DIST when i know i got some of the questions wrong? Haha. Yet again, I got 4 B+ for 4 of my modules.  If  only my DEUI and WEBA is also A (:

It’s time to choose GEMs again. The appointment for DIT is next Tuesday, 12 Oct.  Gotta check my appointment time on Sunday in SAS.

Meanwhile, it’s time to wait for time to pass on as bad debts are yet to be collected, and while my favour that i asked help for has not been completed yet.

Till then..


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