October : JYP Month

Previously we’ve SAN-E featuring his title track, Tasty San with miss A’s Min.

And for the month of late September/October.. We have miss A, J-Lim, 2PM and 2AM comeback!  It’s definitely a awesome month for JYPE family fans like me.

Breathe – miss A

Moving away from the elegant and swift moves of the Bad Girl Good Girl days, miss A is back with their second single called “Breathe”. The reggae inspired song produced by Park Jin-young (JYP) himself has easily brought out the vocal and dance talents of miss A. miss A is indeed one of the best rookie group of 2010!

J.Lim gotta be one of the forgotten voices in the Kpop industry. Having been in the US for the past 2 years, J-Lim return “On The Way To Breakup” is a duet she sang with duet with 2AM’s Jo Kwon. Their harmonious vocals set high standards for the stringent fans like us. I love her title song “Would Never Be Real”. Despite not knowing the meaning of the lyrics (I didn’t checked), but the emotions evoked in the song is simply too DAEBAK for description.

2PM is also making a comeback with their latest mini-album “Still 2PM” on 14 October with Mnet Countdown.

By looking at the teaser, I simply can’t wait to see the awesome dance stunts that the 2PM boys are going to give HOTTESTs.

The best shall be preserved for the last. 2AM are also making their comeback on 26 October with 2 title songs. Omg! As a hardcore IAM, I can’t wait to listen to the new songs! Hitman Bang will also be engaging fans with some events on some decision making process. Besides that, there’ll be pre released songs (besides the 2 title tracks) will be released on the official website for preview.

Here’s the official message 🙂

That’s all. Probably i’ll update again soon.

And also check out Ga-in’s title solo track “Irreversible”!  It’s so good! Support Kwonnie’s wife too!



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