Timetable is out!

SP is pretty efficient this time round by releasing the timetable for Semester 2 early.  Here it goes, my new timetable for AY 2010/2011 Semester 2. My new modules include : Systems Development Techniques (SDT), Mobile Programming (MPRG) , Hospitality and Tourism Management (HOTM), Smart Applications (SAPP) and Electronic Commerce and Marketing, plus GEMs which I’m going to choose a Wednesday slot because lessons on Monday ends on 6pm. Since I’m left with a GEMs from the Science and Technology cluster, I’m going to choose Psychology because it seems to be the only GEMs that interests me more.  I think I’m insane when i’ve the initial thought of pushing my GEMs into a 8-10am slot, but i think I shouldn’t do that because i’d be too tired by Monday’s lessons to even wake up at 6am+ in the morning. The only module that i think I’m gonna love is HOTM and ECM because they have nothing to do with IT. It’s not because i hate IT modules but i think I do well in Business related modules too, which has brought me a thought of perhaps, doing a Business related degree in the future after i leave SP.

This SUNDAY!! I’ve to check my GEMs appointment time on Tuesday, then Tuesday i must wake up earlier (in case i oversleep) to choose my GEMs! I don’t want to wait for the next appointment because.. by then all slots will be taken up (:

I’ll be writing a separate post on Kpop stuffs!! Til Then.


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