Saint o’ Clock

It’s been long since I last blogged! Yesssssssssssssss, after 17 tears 2AM’s 1st full album “Saint o’ Clock” is finally released on 26 October midnight!!

But.. this song is missing in the normal edition and limited edition!!! Why? I like this song! I hope it will be out in repackaged album or something D:

I would only probably get my limited album copy sometime in Late November because it’ll only be released in Korea at 5 Nov. So i was thinking the shipment and all those would probably take some time?

The title songs revealed are “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” and “Like Crazy”. And i’m really impressed with Seulong’s superb acting in the MV!! Woohoo! It does take me a while though to understand the storyline of the MV because i was a little blur ><

As a IAM, I simply can’t wait to watch ALL 2AM’s Comeback performances. In addition, 2AM’s “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” is also #1 in Melon now!! Woo hoo!  (Yeah SNSD focus on Oricon chart #1 because it’s very hard to climb up) So.. this is really good news, because despite all these “hoot hoot hoot” and “trouble trouble trouble”.

Speaking of SNSD, i was thinking SM Entertainment was a little crazy to let them have this abrupt comeback since they are busy having their “Gee” promotions in Japan!  So yeah, SNSD suddenly made announcement that they’re making a COMEBACK. I was like.. ok i don’t hate them but certainly SONEs are huge fandom. There’re far more people who hate SNSD even more than me.  It’s certainly dangerous to meet big groups like SNSD and that why most groups would “Run Devil Run” ~~  LMAO!! Yeah collision with 2AM for promotions again for the 3rd time. I wonder what’s SONEs’ opinion on this, but i bet it’s nasty because this fandom only know how to speak highly of themselves which they thought they are ought to do. Well, nothing wrong in supporting idols but it’s just a little more extreme here with SONEs having more fanboys of course

2AM’s “Saint o’ Clock” is really DAEBAK!!! ❤ I hope the boys get some recognition. Kwonnie has been waiting for this moment for 10 YEARS!!! Come on! I really hope his dream will come true, and as a fan i’d be so proud of their achievements!

1st comeback is on 28 October at M! Countdown. Usually i don’t watch M! Countdown, but i’m just gonna watch for the sake of 2AM!!! (Y) and i’m not missing out any of their performances again!

Ok till then, end of IAM fangirl mode 🙂


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