New celebrity couple emerging : Jongkyung

Nope, they ain’t in WGM but… ta-da new celebrity couple has emerged. SHINee’s Jong Hyun and Actress Shin Se Kyung.

As a Jonghyun bias, i’m not sad about his new found love but more shocked to hear upon the sudden news.  Like come on, at least give me some time so that i can be mentally prepared!

Hearing upon that a idol and a blooming actress are dating each other is definitely shocking and the #1 in the Kpop Idol industry.Well, Jonghyun actually admits Sekyung is her ideal type before, but i didn’t expect them to be really together. Some SHAWOLs (SHINee’s fan)  are going over the extreme by stating that they are disowning Jonghyun as their bias, or leaving the SHINee’s fandom. I don’t think they are true fans. True fans should know that, they admire their idols for their music,dance,personalities and not dreaming of marrying or dating with them at all. The true fact is that these idols do not know us in reality, and we’re just deceiving ourselves that they’re part of us. It’s all more of their foolish thinking and having in this delusional world like me. (Obviously, since i yearned for love so much) Ok, I admit i’m just like one of them but the fact is we can’t change the fact that “they are indeed dating”. But i’m not even like crying or being angry about this. Well maybe just for an hour, because i’m being calmed down by 2AM‘s tracks.

Oh another thing! Sekyung closed her minohompy because of the crazy fans bashing on her new status! Damn, I agree with the fanaccounts in Twitter. Isn’t this like indirectly hurting Jonghyun’s heart? His job is to make her happy, and yet because of his fans she’s getting hurt. Well, they’re humans as well despite being idols. Their schedules are hectic and at times they do need soul mates to support each other just like this. This is the true new found love. Isn’t it sweet?

I don’t know what sort of impact this would have for the whole SHINee’s image, although this is a good news. I’m sure the rest of the members are aware of their relationship, and will continue to support Jong Hyun if he were to make any decision. I’m just kind of shocked that SM Entertainment actually acknowledge their relationship status and announced it to the public, because they are known for not allowing their artists to date. However, this is not a first time for SM Entertainment as SJ’s Shindong also has girlfriend called Nari and even plans to marry her soon. So if those ELFs (SJ’s fans) can support Shindong, why can’t the minority of the SHAWOLs do that too? Ahhh btw, Nari is really cute.

Now i wonder how other boy groups members will react to this. Probably they would think that they should also fight for their love if they found any girl they like. Then when SHINee performs for eg. in music programs this week and everybody will be like “Congrats Jong Hyun!” when everyone sees him. Ok, so 1 idol has been the trendsetter and probably there’ll be more “heartbreaking” news coming soon lmao.

Speaking of idols’ relationships, as a Kwonnie ultimate bias, by right i should be sad over him being with Ga-in in WGM but I’m NOT. Haha why? Because i really like them being together, they are natural and they care for each other. Although they’re not a real couple, they’re the longest running couple in WGM and everyone love them. I’m already accustomed to see Ga-in’s and Kwonnie’s name being together, so it’s not a weird thing for me. I’d only cry if one day they would be separated instead! And the same goes for Khuntoria and Goguma couple, though i feel that Khuntoria has a higher chance of being together because Nichkhun really wants Victoria as her girlfriend. And Khun’s grandma was totally EPIC!!!

I know it may seems lame that i’m getting emotional over all these incidents that does not relevant to me.  And partly, I entered this Kpop fandom because I’m single. Maybe people may be saying things to me like “Come on, get your own life! Focus on your studies! If you really wants to date, you’ll eventually find that guy!” Wow, you think i’m really that optimistic? I’m a melancholic. I’m a thinker and planner, i think a lot of my present, past and future. I’m a analytical person who love to think and because of these i’m getting so depressed. I was thinking : I don’t know what will happen to me, when the day i received a lot of wedding invitations from my friends and they ask me “Why are you still single?” And the day where by i meet my relatives and they goes “Do you have a boyfriend?” I know it isn’t my fault but i don’t know if having a relationship status to be “single” a FLAW?

Is it my own fault of being ugly?  Is it my own fault of wearing ugly clothes all the time? Is it my own fault for being in my isolated world? Is it my own fault for being fat? Is it my own fault for being quiet? It is my own fault for rejecting someone else? Is it my own fault for being not feminine? Is it my own fault for being unlucky all the time?  Is it my own fault that I’m not attractive to others at all?

I dunno. I just simply yearn for  a better life. But for now, I just hope that I can maintain my GPA and I can go to a place that I’d like for intenship next year. I just hope that i can graduate successfully.  I just hope that i can have a degree. I just hope that i can earn a lot of money, and do the things i want. Who doesn’t like to date?  Like another any other other females, have a family. Have children, have a loving husband. Live old with my children, and die happily when i leave this world.

That’s just for now =/


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