3rd week of school.

What a depressing post i write with regards to my previous post..

The 3rd week of school has began. I swear i always hate Mondays, there’s always Monday blues for me.  Having lessons from 8.30am to 6pm is a little too crazy. In addition, Tues i’ve  GEMs on 8am too. So i was literally tired during the middle of the lesson and rested a while. Sigh.. and after that i’m copying down the answers for ECM tutorial and being in my own world once again.

With the news of whether i’ll be going for my ITP/FYP first to be out soon, I started to worry. Can i really survive? I don’t seem to attentive during lessons these days since lessons are so DRY. No matter what, I just hope that i’d be able to work and cooperate with whoever i’m being grouped to. I just hope that i’d be able to graduate successfully with peace. Ya.. it’s like what a selfish thinking, but it’s true for everyone.

Ahhhhhh Kpop music programs! I always have bad omen, despite having faith in my bias. Currently,we’re facing  a formidable force with loaded arrows. I’m so afraid that their umbrellas ain’t that strong to defend the recurring arrows. LOL! never mind if you don’t know what the hack i’m talking about. I’m just talking about their concept photos and the content in the songs. Other than Mnet’s M!Countdown, i don’t know if 2AM will win in Inkiyago,Music Bank and Music Core or not. *Pray hard*. I know they will, but they have lesser chance.  I think i’d be really sad but i have to accept the reality that Kpop dance tracks is still ruling in the Kpop world. Sigh, i hate the fact that sometimes talents are not justified by popularity, and that many people are shallow. Not everyone likes ballads, no taste? People who knows appreciate ballads know how to appreciate music. But nothing wrong with that though, because i also enjoy Kpop tracks. But i feel that ain’t these people bored or something? Don’t they need to listen to some melodious ballads for a breather or smth? Oh.. and if you’re thinking i may sound a little narcissistic  over here, I’m just bringing out my doubts that’s all.

I hope to hear some good news soon for everything. Not being either pessimistic or optimistic of everything, but to be armed with a armour being mentally prepared of unexpected events to be happening soon.

Till then, end of my rant.


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