ITP next.

First of all, HAPPY PEPERO DAY!

Pepero is a Pocky stick. Pepero day is a special day in Korea. It’s a festival something like Valentine’s Day where you give Peperos to your loved ones or friends. Ain’t these Pepero so lovely and colourful?!

An email came out of the sudden yesterday night around 10pm+.

A nudge window appeared on my Windows Live Messenger, and the word INTERNSHIP appeared.

I was freaking paranoid. I was like “WHAT? INTERNSHIP LIST IS OUT? SO SOON?”

And soon, i discovered my name was on the ITP list along with my cliques.

Initially i was quite reluctant over the fact that i’m doing my ITP FIRST, then going back to school again for FYP.  It’s because of the psychological aspect of adapting into changes and working in a different environment. And out of the sudden, you just have to leave the reality and go back to school again.

Details for the ITP isn’t out yet. The briefing will be at 1 Dec, 3.10pm at MLT 11. I hope to hear more news soon. But does that mean that i’d need to find my internship company soon? Or the school will make arrangements for us?

Moving on to 2AM’s news. This week is really a bad week for IAMs!  Wednesday’s and Friday’s “All My Love” episodes are canceled due to Asian Games. And besides, 2AM just lost at M!Countdown to Psy with merely 3 points difference. But i can’t blame for that, why? Because the song “Like Crazy” was used instead of “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls”. Since i doubt 2AM is going to win K-chart tomorrow (because K-chart focuses more on album sales). The only hope is probably in Inkiyago.


And there’s a good news for SG IAMs. There’ll be a 2AM <Saint o Clock> fansigning at IMM on 2 Dec 7.30pm. Sigh, i gladly accept the news but why must it be at IMM again? T.T And.. since that day is a weekday, I would have a little difficulty to make it. But still i know i can make it, but it’s just now i would need some help unless.. I were to pon lesson on 2 Dec D: Since i didn’t get the autograph the other time, i really hope i can get it! But on the other hand, the 2AM premiums for the silver ticket sounds really attractive. I wonder what it would be but definitely it would be awesome since it’s official.  But one thing for sure is i’m going to get the “Saint o’ Clock” Asian Version album 😀 It’s a bliss that i didn’t bought the standard version album from Korea if not.. I would have broke.

I can’t wait to see 2AM again in SG. I can’t wait to watch 2PM,2AM, miss A, BEAST (There’s MBLAQ but i’m not a fan of them) Woo hoo! Isn’t it DAEBAK?! Listening to 2AM singing LC and YWAMC live with their new hairstyles! I really hope i wouldn’t be blocked by irritating tripods this time round. I need to take better photos, and i hope.. I can see 2AM more upclose! 😀

Too much of a fangirl drooling and daydreaming. I wonder if the rest of the idols are doing showcases in SG too. I hope so, so the rest would be happy too. Haha, should i go to Changi Airport to welcome 2AM? 😀 But..  i’ve the ITP briefing on Dec 1. And since i dunno what time they’re arriving, it’s a little hard for me.

Sigh. I wish everything will go on more smoothly as such. Assignments are released one by one, and there’ll be a need to complete these assignments soon. I wish i’ve more time to slack but it seems that I’ve got a lot of preparations to do for ITP.

Till then, i’ll probably update in 1-2 weeks time..


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