D-Day soon

So.. it’s been a week since i last updated.  It’s been week 5 of school now which means i’d be taking my MST in 3 weeks time. I was thinking i should bring my SDT textbook while i was waiting for 2AM’s fansign since it’s going to be a really really long wait. And anyway i can’t be using my phone all the time if not the battery would have been drained out due to excessive use. So during the past week, I’ve been frantically looking for a golden ticket for 2AM’s fansign so that i could exchange a few words with them and get their signature 😀 And i finally bought a golden ticket and sold off my silver ticket + album. Hahahahaha I’m a happy IAM now. I’ll just have to wait for their arrival in Singapore 😀

My life is pretty occupied with Kpop,Hangul learning, assignments nowadays which may seem very superficial to others. I happen to saw this comment about Kpop fans spamming our Twitters/ blogs all the time and that we should spam in designated places like forums instead. Dear bitch, I get your point. We Kpop fans do go to forums to talk about our idols, but we don’t spam in forums. There’re rules and regulations that we need to follow. Kpop are our source of entertainment. So.. is it a crime to even talk about it in our little space? If we were to keep scolding something you like, will you hate it? The same rules applies.

Sigh, i seriously can’t wait for this semester to be over. However that would mean that i’ll be starting ITP soon and i’ll not be as free as of now. Despite being occupied, I feel that my life has been enriching enough. As such, now i don’t really dwell over the r/s issues that i used to. In short, that’s just an outcome based on my laziness and my appearance and since i’m also someone who’s  rather reserved and hates acting friendly to those who i know. Imagine if i were to act like this, wouldn’t it be awkward? And everyone will be putting this poker face for me.  I really felt that sometimes despite seeing some people everyday, I’m not close with them. The fact is i don’t even talk to them. In fact, although i made friends online that i’ve never know them personally or only meet once, i feel like we’re long lost friends and we can talk anything under the sun. However, that does not means that my friends’ aren’t bad. I just felt that i’m like slowly drifting away to friends, especially for those whom i don’t see daily.

My life is about to enter the next phrase of working soon. Will i be able to come through the odds and survive through FYP and simply just graduate out of SP?


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