3 days more to Christmas

Lately, i haven’t been doing much things. My life is pretty much watching “All My Love”, “We Got Married”, and watching 2AM shows with their appearances. I also dunno what happen to my assignments. Like others, I haven’t been contacting people from my school since the last test ended. Sigh, i don’t wanna go back to school… I hate it that once this semester ends I’ve to go for my ITP. Money is my only motivation T.T  There’s like 3 more days to Christmas. Usually i don’t care about Christmas, but this year is a little special because 2AM is doing their concert in Korea from 24-26 Dec. Although i’m not physically there in Korea, but the thought of it is simply AWESOME! Sigh.. i’m being resigned to the fate of watching fancams and looking at the pictures. How i wish i’ve the money to fly there instantly D:

2010 is about to come to an end. To me, this year doesn’t has much changes in my life.  My lives still revolves around Kpop fandom, studying and ranting on personal issues.  Busy with updating myself with Kpop fandom, and i maybe even busier in the future since i just got into the 2ONEDAY team for Graphic Designers 🙂 However in 2011, there’re bound to be more changes going on. In 2011, I’ll turn 20 and no longer considered as a teenager. The thought of it makes me chills. Sigh.. getting older and older each day unconsciously D:

I’ve to make New Year resolutions soon! And definitely I’m more motivated to achieve my goals this time round! So ya, i’ll post more about that next week! Till Then! I shall go watch a K-drama call “SECRET GARDEN” which is soooooooooooooo freaking nice to watch!


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