Bye 2010, Welcome 2011

So ya, 2 days of 2011 has past but i haven’t been blogging anything.

A super brief reflection on 2010

It has been a great year in school academically and for social life. My grades did improve and I’m happy about it. Did get to know lots of new friends with the common interest. In 2010, I’ve been following Kpop news but not avidly until i know about this Kpop idol call “Jo Kwon” in allkpop and since then, I’ve embarked my journey as a Kkapliner (Adam Couple fan) and a IAM (2AM fan). And since then I got to know 2AM better and Jo Kwon became my ultimate bias in Kpop. Having to say that, I’m a happy IAM because I met 2AM 3 times in 2010. The events are namely 2AM showcase+fansign, 2AM “Saint o’ Clock” fansign, and MULA concert.I hope to see 2AM again in 2011. I really hope “2AM Asia Tour” will include Singapore.  If I can, I’ll want to go to Seoul in 2012 (but i hope the world doesn’t end of course) .

Basically this is a Photoshop edit that i did, and i have since then know a lot of info as of above 🙂

AND… ADAM COUPLE KISSED ON YESTERDAY’s WGM EPISODE OMG!! AND KWONNIE INITIATED IT!! (though i really dunno why Ga-in ranted that she didn’t feel the kiss in 0.00000000001 seconds lols)

Haha this was the climax of the episode at the end. OMG! DAEBAK! And of course before the kiss, I love the events eg Latte art and Kwonnie singing “Happy Me” to Ga-in! And Ga-in unnie cried and even smeared her eyeliner. I can see that she’s really touched and happy of what Kwonnie has done for her. Like Ga-in have said, 1 year ago Kwonnie has still fooling around in front of the Christmas tree blabbering some chant. However, 1 year have past and Kwonnie did matured a lot as a man. Ga-in always joked that her “nampeon” isn’t a real man, but lately she’s really felt that Kwonnie matured. AWWWWWWWWWWW SO SWEET! I love Adam Couple forever 😀

Anyway back to reality. Tomorrow i’ll be return to school for Semaster 2 Team 4 of my Year 2 life in SP. In 2011, I’ll be doing ITP and FYP and after that i would have graduate out of SP.  When I proceed to ITP, I would definitely miss FC4’s Thai Food because it’s cheap and nice. 2011 will be a important year for me, if i want to have more money in the future. I do not know if I’ll be still studying in 2012 for a university degree. So i think i’ll see how things in going. I’ll expect myself splurging on shopping a lot in the future. Haha, I really want to do a massive shopping to buy a lot of things, but it’s just that i don’t have the time and money to do so. AHHHHHHHHHHH I can’t wait to shop!

That will be the end of my post 🙂 And as usual, I don’t know when i’ll be blogging again as i blog on a ac hoc basis^^


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