Trouble, trouble, trouble

I haven’t been blogging much. I always wanted to blog but i’m just plain lazy to do so. But recently, i just felt that i need to blog here to actually sort my thoughts and reflect on what had happened because i feel that there’s simply too much grievances in me that i need a proper channel to do so. Blogging is not my priority, i just wanna blog because i want to procrastinate away from my assignments. Which spells for more : “Trouble, Trouble, trouble”.

Jinwoon dancing Hoot

Trouble, trouble, trouble

Recently assignments has been really an ASSHOLE. Why? It’s SICKENING AND FUSTRATING because i didn’t know how to do it. There isn’t much help from the lecturers and a lot of things have to be done by ourselves. And also, i somehow lost my motivation in this semester due to the modules. I dunno, I thought i would be interested in HOTM but.. somehow i just hate to study how the whole system runs.

So let’s see what i’ve for my remaining assignments? (In order of HATRED)

  • SAPP : Currently stucked at Part 2.  My Groupmate is a dude who’s a geek looking “uncle”. I dunno his exact age, but certainly he look so mature and intimidating for a young adult alright. He helped a lot for Part 1, and he seems like throwing all the responsibilies for Part 2 to me when the fact is that I’m not so good in Programming. Sigh, I don’t think I can complete it unless i know how to categorize the data. I’m practically doomed for SAPP WHEN IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT MODULE. And i’m so freaking stressed of this SAPP, because someone said they completed it already!
  • SDT : Need to draw Sequence diagram ><
  • HOTM :  Can only be done in school due to Intranet system). Classmate doing the configuration so i can only wait for further instructions
  • ECM :Did a bit, but felt that i do not have much information. I need to read the slides before deciding what to add on.
  • MPRG : Programming isn’t my forte like I’ve said, especially with a new programming language like PHP. I’m stuck at Question 3, and sometimes i really hate that lecturer because he’s like not answering to my question and his instructions are rather unclear.
  • GEMS : Quiz after Chinese New Year

I’m really not feeling the CNY mood lately. It sucks. You see sales everywhere and people talking about their new clothes and yet you’re too occupied with assignments. Life as a Poly student sucks. I wonder how ITP would be like. Hopefully I would be able to clear my assignments and exams and I’ll regain my freedom in Feb 28. Hwaiting!

Jinwoon says "Hwaiting!"


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