Bugis,D-3 to results.

It’s been long since i got out of my comfort zone. I finally stepped out of the house!

Happen to saw the Tony Moly store at Bugis! I wanna take a look at the products but I got no time to shop! ><

I went to Bugis with Kelly today. Initally, we wanted to go Top One but we are hesitant about the price so we went to discuss among ourselves for awhile. And then the fucked up thing is that 2 groups of people who came before us have booked the rooms, so there ain’t rooms for us anymore (:  In the end, we went to eat our favourite yoghurt and Chicken meatballs before heading to Chinatown’s Kbox for K-session.

We would always select a mixture of Kpop, English and Chinese songs. Wanted to be adventurous and chose <행복한 나늘> and <좋은 날>.  But it’s was a failure because IU’s key is so high and I couldn’t keep up with it T.T. Happy Me was alright though, because I listened to it so many times *haha*. I’m so obsessed in eating the fries which the Kbox staff keep trying to hard sell to us, though  it’s salty ><

We also went to have 杨枝甘露 at a dessert house after the Kbox session ended. The 杨枝甘露 is damn nice! Well,  especially the fact that I love to eat mangos. It has chunks of mango fruit, pomelo and sago seeds inside. I also feel that the desert isn’t too sweet for people without a sweet tooth. Definitely a must try in Chinatown!

Dinner was frog leg porridge + har gow because I’m craving for it!  Drink is some Chinese tea which I forgotten the name. I feel really healthy for my dinner today. Well, most of my dinners are kinda 重口味 so this is kinda a change for me. But still, I enjoyed it alot 🙂 Oh gosh, I forgot to take a picture of it just now because we started eating when it’s being served.

On a heavier note, as the days draw nearer to 22th March. I’m really afraid of what’s the outcome of my GPA.  I’m mentally prepared that it would drop, since I’ve been focusing on Kpop and less on studies since 2011. And besides, I don’t really pay attention to my modules during lessons till the end of semester exams.  Hence, I’m always at the losing end compared to others and i also believe that I’ve the worse results among the elites in my class. But no matter what’s the outcome, I look forward to my ITP posting. I really want to know where I’m being posted to!!! UGH!! Why isn’t a ITP briefing soon?! Why everything is still not revealed yet?!

And another thing, the crazy idea of travelling to Korea for 2-3 months in 2012 came again. I think i really need to plan throughly to really execute it. But i don’t believe that it won’t come true! Although some people may think that there isn’t much things to do in South Korea for 2-3 months, but I feel that there’s just so many exciting activities and destinations waiting for me to unravel upon!

I guess I will  keep dreaming about my desire of visiting Korea throughout this year *laughs*

Hope that I’ll receive some good news soon.

Till then.


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