The Aftermath.

And so, the results for the semestral exams are out yesterday.

3.2 for this semester? A bit low compared to the previous semester, but I didn’t expect to remain consistent for my results as I feel that I’m struggling  throughout the modules.

It’s kinda ironic to know that my GPA only increased by 0.007, which literally has not much change.  2 friends of mine asked me about my results but i explained that there’s no change in my GPA.  I’m just kinda disappointed of my GEMs and SDT grade, and the rest are quite alright except the fact that I could have work harder to get a A in ECM/HOTM.  WHYYYYYY PSYCHOLOGY!!! I swear I’m not gonna touch anything related to Psychology again unless I’m forced to. Actually long ago, the lecturer already said that my group has the weakest assignment. Ugh, blame myself for being with a wrong group.  I did tried hard for SDT, it’s hard for me to catch up since I just pass the MST paper. I guessed the assignment helped a little, if not i would have failed the module. Hence, if DMIT is wise, they better don’t give me anything related to SDT for ITP because I’m simply bad at it. YES, I RATHER DO PROGRAMMING!! HAHA.

And imagine at this time of the year next year, I would have graduated. What would I be doing then?

I hope DMIT announce the details of ITP really soon eg a briefing or the posting of the ITP. They’ve been dragging it forever that I couldn’t make any plans for which Korean classes to take, for the fear of clashing of time or date. But i really feel like choose the lessons over at NUS extension because there’s no exams and there’s a Saturday class (which suits me since I’m gonna start ITP really soon). Thirdly, it’s one of the more accredited institution to learn Korean in Singapore.  Meanwhile, I shall make my self revision while waiting for confirmed news (:

Moving on the topic to AM. It seems like they’re moving on to album promotions in Asia in April/May to Philippines (confirmed) and including the unconfirmed ones like Hong Kong, Shanghai. As a I AM, I’m happy for them. However, as a SG I AM this means that I won’t get to see them live unless I can fly to these countries or vice versa (which is impossible since I’m stuck in Singapore for the whole year of 2011.)  And I wonder who’s installed for us after May. Jinwoon’s solo? Since June-August are the Summer months.

As the time ticks, 3 more months to go before my 20th birthday. And i’ll be no longer considered as a “teenager” as my age no longer has a “1” in front. I’m feeling older as more younger Kpop idols starting to pop out day by day. However, I’m anticipating the things I’m able to do as a  adult freely without any parental consent or whatsoever. Also, being a adult also means that I’ve the income and the ability to buy or chase idols since I’ve the means compared to young kids. Definitely I’ll go to Korea next year!

I’ll probably goes back and revise some Korean verbs again. Annyeong!


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