ITP = It’s totally plodding.

So why ITP = It’s totally plodding? Because it’s a daunting period for me because I’ve a longer period of internship. 4 months to be exact. Some people are just shocked to know about my long internship period when theirs’ is like 4-8 weeks. And some people are just shocked to know that I live so far away from Kembangan (Where Daehan is) or Sentosa (My internship venue) To be honest, I’m already accustomed to travelling long distances since my Secondary School days. It doesn’t make a difference because the travelling time doesn’t exceed 1 hour.

I haven’t update much about my ITP (Internship) here. In case you don’t know yet, I’m posted to RWS. I’m probably the only person in DIT HOT option to be posted in RWS. I like the location and company, but I only have 1 complaint ,and that’s the location since I live in SEMBAWANG.  Imagine having to survive standing all day in the train with heels to and fro Sembawang to Harbour Front. OMG CAN DIE!  Last week, I went to settle the administrative stuffs at the office. Surprisingly, another intern from IS know I’m the one (who got posted to RWS too) and started asking me casual questions.  Of course, I can’t disclose much as I already signed the contract and like all companies, confidential information are not to be disclosed with the prevalence of social media networks today.  To be honest, I’m a bit afraid i’ll breach this rule unintentionally. I’ll start work officially on the 3rd day of work since the first 2 days are like orientation where they’re giving me a introduction of the company and etc. Honestly, I can’t wait for the internship to start! But I hate to be in the sardine packed train during peak hours. The only plus point for internship for me is the pay, which is considered a lot compared to others’.  Haha I can FANGIRL like crazy!!! 😀

And finally today, I went all the way to Daehan to pay for my B1 lessons. I’ve been contemplating this for so long!  Actually, I only paid the deposit. I’ve to pay the remaining sum when i start my lessons officially on Saturday.  If I paid the full sum, I could have the textbook and went through the content myself. The staff allowed me to view the textbook just now, and I think it’s still fairly understandable since I self studied Korean for awhile. I’m just getting more blur with the confusing grammar as I continue the lessons in TTMIK in higher levels. I also think that I have forgotten the basics, and I should learn the basics properly and that’s why I decided to take up Korean lessons in a 학원 (private school).

I think i should just cut my hair tomorrow and buy more stuffs! And then Wednesday, I’d need to head back to school for ITP briefing. Oh well, and also I need to wait for an email by Thursday. I hope i’ll be able to survive through this period.



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