My thoughts on ITP till now.

It’s has been a really long time since I blogged. In fact.. 4 weeks. I last blogged way before my ITP started and now I’m like into my 5th week of ITP already.

Actually it isn’t really appropriate to blog about the job since I signed the letter of appointment and it listed all the rules and regulations which includes social media.  Anyway, what’s the use of blogging about confidential information when people don’t really understand what I’m really doing, and at the same time having the risk of breaching the rules. I see no point.

So far the ITP experience has been aRWSome.  I like my working environment of course, but of course my job scope is much more dry due to the nature of my job being IT though the main job scope my team had been doing is SUPER DUPER INTERESTING and everyone starting to go WOW when I told them about it. If you really interested to know, then u can ask me over Twitter or MSN. The regime of wake-up-in-the-morning-, take-the-train, take-the-staff-shuttle-bus, eat-the-free-staff-breakfast/lunch, work and stare at the desktop non-stop doing miscellaneous stuffs for everyone is pretty much the same every work day.

It’s really ironic that although I’ve been in the company for 1 month, but I didn’t went to the corporate induction up till today when I finally completed it. When I first came, it was unknowingly cancelled. And so, the HR actually wrote a date for me to go for the induction which is actually last week, but I kind of taken it too lightly and didn’t bother much about the date as stated in the email. There isn’t a need for me to declare : “Like oh! It’s like a death sentence that I didn’t went for the induction.” or whatsoever. Last Friday, I was quite.. restless at work since everyone started to give me tasks and I started to feel signs of exhaustion. I thought it would be a good break for me away from the office and attend the induction since “I’m supposed to go anyway”.  Overall, I think I made a right choice because the whole process is really fun and entertaining although I didn’t help out much for the team activities. It’s adhere to attending a really humourous and informative lecture session which will be essential during our stint with the company itself.

2 days of company induction have ended so I’d have to return to office tomorrow and continue with my never ending workload. Lately, I’ve been talking to some people in the company induction because I’m alone so I  ended up talking to those who look like my age group, and I found out that they are actually pursuing degrees in local universites after they have graduated from their respective polys. So I was explaining my internship here and what I’m doing here and some were kinda amazed that I’ve a IT background and the fact that I’m still studying To most people, IT is boring. It’s a very technical job that requires a skillset which not everyone is willing to study about. If given a choice, who have chose to study IT if they have done well for exams? I mean.. excluding those who are really gifted in this field and have a genuine interest. For me, I didn’t chose to study IT out of pressure although I did badly for my O Levels compared to others.  But honestly, since young I kinda  did well for all the computer stuffs like media player problem and Photoshop editing when everyone was enlisting my help. And compared to others, I’m quite a IT “geek” and always interested in website development and later on moving on to systems which i’ve yet to have a really strong interest. Sometimes I really wonder if I really suit the IT industry with so many FTs around? But I think my friends will agree this path is kinda suit me well.

Speaking of which I haven’t write finish my log book which I said I wanted to write last Friday. Hmm. I think that’s the power of procastination. I feel like sleeping early today, if not I wouldn’t have the zest and the concentration for the amount of unknown workload allocated to me tomorrow. If there is no delay, I (hope) I’ll be receiving my “allowance” for this ITP by this week.  Then.. part of the money would definitely goes into buying the upcoming B2ST SG fanmeeting ticket which is held on July 2 *laughs*

안녕! Annyeong!


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