The mundane life continues

Hello everyone! You’re utmost welcome to read my monthly blog entry. Yep, it has been a month since I last blogged because it’s either I’m too busy or I’ve nothing to type about. Haha!

My life being in the office lately is mundane. Having to do the repetitive process over and over again frustrates me.  Being the only poly intern in the whole office right now, means that everyone is more educated and knowledgeable than me. Some of the permanent staffs also undergone the poly route previously, but they went to study for a degree afterwards. There has been a whole lot of SMU interns in the company from SMU’s Information Systems (IS) degree, and they’ve been gathering all the time. I dunno if it’s like a good thing or a bad thing. If they were to ask me to join them for lunch or whatever, I would definitely reject and would rather join the adults.

I simply feel a sense of uneasiness and awkwardness  if i were to join them. They have been talking about their school all the time, and I don’t even belong to that university. I just want to be alone. I really miss my friends and how i wish they’re under the same company as me. But other than that, everything is good other than some minor hiccups here and there. Sigh I just hope everything will end soon.

On the sidenote, June is about to come to an end which means that it’ll be my birthday. Since it falls on a Thursday, nothing much is going to happen and most of the time I’ll be in the office.

I read from Tammy Tay’s Twitter that the largest F21 flagshop in Singapore will be opening in Orchard Exchange tomorrow. I’ll be heading to Orchard this weekend for shopping! (Y) Since i think i need to shop for something presentable for a wedding dinner to attend to next week.

Come July 2, I’ll be attending B2ST Asia Fanmeeting held in Max Pavilion in Expo! This is the birthday gift that I bought for myself *laugh*

After that, Homme consisting of Lee Hyun and Changmin will be making a comeback in July! Rejoice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jinwoon, maknae of 2AM will be making his solo debut with a rock album!!! It will be released in Late July and he will be revealing his title song first in some rock festival. (Y) ROCK AND ROLL!! (I think this is gonna be my first time being so into the rock genre) 

And….. *drumroll* 2AM WILL BE MAKING THEIR COMEBACK IN SEPTEMBER!! ♥ WHICH IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME BECAUSE SEPTEMBER HAPPEN TO BE MY HOLIDAYS!!! Yeah,I’m really excited about 2AM’s comeback 🙂 I can’t wait for all the spazzing moments like… listening to their songs non-stop, buying their albums, watching all their performances and etc.

I’m currently still in a dilemma of buying Friction and Fact and Hands Up album. I wonder if there’s limited edition of the albums available when I finally make my decision. Maybe I’ll end up buying both. But I thought Hands Up limited edition is really worth it!! There’s 2 photobooks  + calendar!

Ok. That should all, folks 🙂


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