Questioning the Future.

Time passes really slow, especially when you’re an intern idling in the office. It’s such a waste of time that something constructive can actually be done during this period. Come July 18, my countdown timer will start to mark the end of my internship stint on 18 Aug.

I’m starting to feel a bit listless lately, having not to focus on my tasks and also poor time management. Everything seems getting out of place : my sleeping pattern, my body clock, my study plans for Korean.  There’s a lot of things on my wishlist. However, due to the lesser time I’ve nowadays, it’d be difficult to get everything into place. Everyday, I would reach home with my exhausted physique and all I want is to sit down, laid back and relax to fangirl on my notebook. How I wish I can have more personal time now but I’ve to wait for a little while more.

Being in the company itself, I had the chance to interact with people from different walks of life who are much senior than I am. They told me about their past education, experiences and also gave me some advices. There’s a lot to learn from them, including the university interns.Some of them used to be from polytechnic, and somehow or rather this has enables me to relate to them and not thinking that “I’m not the only one who have been through this”.

Whilst waiting for Aug 18 to arrive.. Actually the upcoming holidays isn’t really like a holiday ironically. I assume that all the FYP stuffs are coming up pretty soon. Right?

Thinking ahead that I’ll be graduating next year. I have absolutely no idea where my future lies and it will depend very much on my final GPA score. If it exceeds expectations, I’d probably be able to continue my studies.  If otherwise, then what can I do in Singapore? Start working or proceed to a private institution like SIM instead?

I think I’m not yet ready to work yet. I wish i can go for a degree, and also get a chance to participate in an exchange programme which I never get to during my Poly days as none of my cliques went. Many of my peers asked me what I want to do after getting the diploma, and I said “To study”. Likewise, I asked them the same question and some of them don’t even intend to further their studies and would like go straight into the working society. If so, chances are that our sustainability is really low compared to the millions of degree holders out there.

No matter what is going to happen next.. People, good luck in your endeavours 🙂


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