Tomorrow is the verdict.

Hello. It has been a long time since I posted here. How have everyone been coping with your work/studies? I hope all of you will do well in your endeavours! There’s a lot of things I wanted to say, but it’s kinda inconvenient to say in an open space like Twitter or WordPress. Sigh.  All I say is : “Everyone have a choice to do what they want to do. ” But sometimes you don’t really agree on what they’re doing and neither do they agree on yours (mine). Anyway, I’ve too little precious time to even bother about myself, moreover to concern about others.

Internship had ended a month ago for me. Overall, it has been a fruitful experience and I have learnt a lot, in terms of soft skills(working environment, interpersonal relationships),hard skills and etc.  I certainly miss all staff in the team I have worked with whom I had a great time with. Although there are times whereby I got really fustrated, I’m really glad that I’ve overcome this phrase and ready to embark on my final semester in SP before I graduate.

So what’s life after my internship? I spent 1 week at home. After that I worked in KK Hospital for 2 weeks. It was short because the manager decided to end my contract earlier since I’ll be returning to school soon. And since then, I’ve been spending  my time at home fangirling. Anyway. Tomorrow will be the release of results for SP students. Since I’m from DMIT, my results will probably be out before 10AM. I only have 1 module for the past semester, which was “Internship”. If there’s no surprise, I should be getting an “A” judging from my monthly gradings.

I was ready informed of my FYP Project, which is going to be an iPhone app. Although I’m an iPhone user, I can’t imagine myself on how would I be involved in making an iPhone app, especially a transport assistant app which is deemed graphical intensive. And of course, there’s also the programming aspect which I have an headache on because I have zero knowledge of iPhone’s programming language, “Objective C”. In addition, all those server programming languages like PHP which i only have basic knowledge on.  FYP have yet to be started yet. I’ll be having an upcoming meeting with the group and the supervisor on Wednesday. Hmm. Let’s see what going to be planned ahead. I’m really unsure for this.

Moving aside school, it’s time to fangirl!

Brown Eyed Girls’ “Hot Shot” was released as a digital single on 16 Sept 2011. 

This is super awesome but actually this isn’t their title song. It’s another song named “Sixth Sense”. Sounds mystical? 🙂

The reign of the queens! Brown Eyed Girls are finally making their comeback soon after their previous album “Sign” released 2 years ago. BEG’s full album “Sixth Sense” will be released on 23 Sept 2011 with a total of 9 songs. They will begin their schedules on Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo soon!! Woo hoo!! I seriously can’t wait for their live performance. Their MVs, outfit, dance and etc. BEG’ is really a unique girl group that set themselves in the Kpop World. That’s why I love them so much!

Before I forgot! Happy Birthday Ga-in!  I can’t wait to see you this week with BEG’s comeback!!

And.. Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Nation’s Couple, Adam Couple!

That’s all. Everlastings and Kkapliners, enjoy the special day!


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