Justification Needed.

I still have  approximately 2 weeks left before school starts on Oct 17. The timetable would probably be out 1 week before school starts. Sigh. What made me really pissed off was that ITP wasn’t included  in cumulative GPA, which means that I’ve spent my 4 months getting an empty grade which does not contribute to my GPA.  The issue would probably be brought up in a dialogue session when school reopens again.

Seriously, this’s like engaging in a lawsuit. Such difference in ideologies always take a long time to reach an agreement, and may even drag till early 2012 when we would have already graduated. WE NEED JUSTIFICATION!! I never understood why the school made such a decision without informing us, the students,when they claimed that “ITP can boost our GPA. ” But it seems like only the DIT students were unhappy because the rest of the students seemed to be informed of this change long time ago and they sort of like “accept the fact already” so they are just doing nothing about it.

 I’m not that good in writing compared to the others. I’m not that eloquent either.  But .. sigh? Returning back to school with this kind of unsettled business?  And having scrapped off ITP in GPA means that we need to work harder for FYP.  We were told that “They have high expectations for FYP because there’ll be a grad show in early Mar”. Oh my gosh! I’m really desperate for good grades for my last semester in SP. ! I still want to go to university (even though I may not have a very good GPA) and the school just dampened our chances of going into the local universities when internship for other IT courses from other polys are included in their cumulative GPA.  

Actually I should have written this post long ago.  Sigh. 


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