GMarket Haul Review

This is not my first Gmarket Haul but I have not written a review for GMarket before because I rarely blog.

However this is my biggest ever Gmarket Haul!  The total cost is a whopping amount of 94950 won = SGD $106. But there’s a discount going on for some items so I paid SGD 90+ in total.

Here’s the shipping details : 

  • Order made : 9 March 2012
  • Arrival at Korea Warehouse : 14 March 2012
  • Arrival in Singapore : 17 March 2012
  • Received Date : 19 March 2012

Let’s start unwrapping the items inside the box!!!

Yep, so here’s what inside the box. Quite empty considering that it’s so big.  I shall reveal one by one what I’ve bought via the upcoming images.

First and foremost!!! 2AM’s  F.Scott Fitzgerald Way’s of Love album which I ordered from Synnara! The return of sentimental idols 2AM in 1 years and 6 months.  I’m an avid IAM (2AM fanbase name) so I’ve been anticipating 2AM’s comeback for a really long time!! I love all their songs in this mini album. The royal blue album cover enhanced the luxurious level of the packaging.  The pictures taken for the album jacket are mainly in B&W which adds to this sentimental and nostalgic feeling of longing the love of someone.

Here’s the MV of 2AM’s title song “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”  starring none other than Maknae (Youngest) Jung Jinwoon if you haven’t listened to it yet 🙂

Unveiling the inner content of the luxury album!  This process is fun! Actually I love the packaging because it’s not only classy and luxurious,  I think that it’s very durable so it’s not easily spoilt.

Here’s the insight of  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love album.

Unwrapping the album is like opening an envelope. In fact there’ also  a paper with an envelope but who would bear to use it!! The blue book contains the CD, Album Jacket, Thanks to messages. There’s 4 pictures of each members printed on a special glossy paper too.  If you wish to see the album jacket, there’s also pictures of it on 2AM’s Official Website  under Gallery.

In addition! Here’s the beautiful poster I got that I added 1000 won with. It’s sent in a poster tube that look like an extended toilet paper to me *laughs* Here’s how the poster looks extended to the best of  my ability.

I shall just keep this because I don’t usually paste my posters in the room D:

Alright.  Kpop aside! Moving on!  Here’s an overview of the Holika Holika goods I’ve purchased in a sale . It was 30-40% off! Actually I’m not an avid user of cosmetics but I’m feeling the urge to buy all these.

Here’s what inside the Holika Holkia box. Neatly packed in accordance.

The Holika Holika items that I purchased are  :

The rest of the items that I didn’t mentioned are the freebies that are given to me!! OMG! That’s so generous of the Korean seller as I only bought 4 items!  They gave 2x Makeup Starter, 1 x Luxurious Silk BB Cream Starter, 1 box of facial cotton and 1x Garden Receipe Fresh Body Lotion in Apple.  I’ve yet to test the items, so I don’t have reviews for it. But there’s lots of cosmetics reviews of Korean cosmetics in the Internet, so I think you can just google the item name for reviews.

I bought a black, heavy-looking sneakers (WH-122) from Girls’ Day. I bought size 8 which is size 245 in Korean shoes standard. It’s better for you to find out what’s your shoe size first before making your purchase on Gmarket.  It fits perfectly for me so I’m happy that I made the right judgement and this entice me to make more shoe purchases on Gmarket in the future!

Usually I don’t really wear sneakers because I find it troublesome (to spend time tying the shoe laces) when I can just slip onto my flats or slippers and I’m ready to go. But this time round I wanted to look for a foot wear that could be comfy and at the same time, stylish since I’m going to Korea soon in Mid April.  There’s another one with a similar design (WH-123) but that shoes is just a slip in without shoe laces so I prefer this. Doesn’t it look cool! It also has a 2cm shoe lift inside, and the shoe itself has a platform of 5cm which makes me so happy because I’m just standing at 159cm (damn can’t just round up to 160cm!!)

Alright this concludes my Gmarket Haul Review post. I hope it’s an enjoyable post for you 🙂



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