I.MYSS Military Natural Mask Pack

There isn’t much information online about I.MYSS of course, since it doesn’t have a physical store in Korea so I think only 2AM fans know about I.MYSS’s existance in the international market. I couldn’t find any reviews except the official site which is in Korean. Sigh. Seriously, I hope they will expand their market soon.  Other than their online mall, we can purchase from GMarket Korea (but I don’t know if it’s official or what not)

When I first saw this product, i thought that it look kinda interesting and special.  Military camouflage on our faces? But when everything it’s in Korean, it makes it difficult to make the right judgement and make the purchase.  I can’t even find any English on the packaging unlike the other masks in the other series. So here’s the list I collated.

Translation for 10 types of IMYSS’s Military Natural Mask Pack :

마린쿌라겐 – Marine Collagen
프로폴리스 – Propolis
키위씨드 – Kiwi Seed
아보카도 –  Avocado
티트리 – Tea Tree
플라센타 – Placental
라벤다 –  Lavender
아르간오일 – Argan Oil
로즈힙 – Rose Hip
라놀린 – Lanolin

As for how each specific ingredient helps in, I’m not an expert in this field.  Probably a good idea to google about the benefits of the main ingredient.

I hope this post will help a little.

Thanks for reading this mini post!


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