D-2 Seoul Searching – Exploring Myeongdong, Dongdaemum, Hongdae

Day 2 : 10 April 2012

Second day in Seoul! I woke up early in the morning and had the free peanut butter and bread in the guesthouse for breakfast! I decided to head to MYEONGDONG!   The shopping mecca for shopping lovers! As Myeongdong is also on Line 4 on the subway (same as Hansung),  so I decided to head there to explore and also to exchange for  more Korean won!

And then I saw this blue shelf which is full of items. I’m rather fascinated at this because I’ve never seen it before.  Apparently it’s for safety precautions if I’m not wrong.

A Nature Republic logo welcomed me once  I stepped out of Myeongdong station Exit 6.

A typical street in Myeongdong. Then I started to see a lot of familiar faces endorsing various Korean cosmetics brand.

Hello IU~

Holika Holida’s spokesperson changed to SISTAR and Jung Ii Woo already though.

There’s a lot of vendors selling bags, unofficial Kpop merchandises, street food, socks and etc too

And how can I forget about 2AM!

It’s just so amusing to see a Bee Cheng Hiang outlet in Myeongdong. I don’t even like their  bak kwa  because it’s so tough, and they expect foreigners to buy? There’s another outlet inside Shinsagae Department store near Myeongdong too.

And finally I saw a CD shop! But this shop is really expensive compared to the highly recommended shop in Myeongdong underground shopping centre. That’s the best shop ever! If you’re buying Kpop CDs, please head to the shop run by 2 men! You just need to go to the  left lane and walk straight from Myeongdong Station Exit 6.

Myeongdong is  a touristy place after all, so I did saw a lot of shop that sells seaweed, ginseng, kimchi products that are specially geared to the tourists.  Even if you don’t speak Korean well, you’ll do fine roaming in Myeongdong because most people can speak Chinese/Japanese or English. Actually not much people talked to me in English, they talked to me in Chinese because they could somehow identify me distinctly.  I bought some packets of seaweed here but I kind of regret because there’s a even better brand that also has a yellow packaging sold in Lotte Mart.

Cottiny, an accessories shop which has sponsored a lot of celebrities.

SPAO, a clothing brand co-owned by SM Entertainment.

After exploring for awhile, I got tired so I went into the famous Myeongdong Gyoza and ordered  칼국수 (kalgusu) because I saw everyone are eating this. The serving is really huge!  Personally, I don’t like to eat bland food but I feel really awesome to eat this in a cold spring weather. The fillings for the mandus are really flavourful, the noodles are appetizing and likewise the soup  If you’re not a big eater, you probably have to share it with someone.  It comes with refillable kimchi, which I find it spicy for Myeongdong Gyoza’s. (actually this applies to everywhere in Korea) It’s a pity i couldn’t try the mandus because I’m  alone. But I heard it’s nice. I’ll try it when I visit Seoul again in the future T_T

After that I continued exploring Myeongdong and happen to see this highly raved hand cream that are sold in Watsons for merely 1000 won!  I kind of regret because i only bought 1 tube.

As i walk further up straight, I finally saw the physical Kappa store which is endorsed by 2AM and Kara’s Nicole. Went in and bought a pair of sneakers for SGD 98 which is really cheap and asked the staff to give me some 2AM goodies also xD

I don’t know why I walked further away, and landed up being at Sinsagae Departmental Store at Myeongdong. I got carried away when I saw Red Mango so I ordered a regular bowl of yoghurt which is the best I ever eaten.

I walked further to the supermarket section of the department store and I was so amazed to see this whole section for Kimchi.

I didn’t explored the whole place because it’s 14th stories high and the price range is not within my budget at all.

This is like the only Kwon ad i saw other than Alba Heaven in subways. I heard there were more when it was first launched but not anymore..

Next, I headed to Dongdaemum because I’m supposed to meet Kathleen and her sister near there, as we’re heading for dinner in Hongdae.

Went into Migliore  to explore and saw a lot of goods worth buying. You can bargain for prices there. I even managed to buy an authentic leather wallet for only 27,000 won when the original price was 40,000 won 🙂

Didn’t took much photos in Dongdaemun. I was just randomly walking around. Past by Cheongyecheon, Pyeonghwa Market, Dongdaemum Market, Hello APM and etc with a street food that I bought.

I think this is Kang Ho Dong’s restaurant? I didn’t walk up so I’m not so sure.

After that I went to the very happening place! Hongdae! Didn’t took much photos too because I’m lazy.

Dinner at 구이가! It’s a samgyupsal restaurant!! It’s must to eat samgyupsal when you’re in Korea. Omg it’s so freaking delicious and value for money, if let’s say you’re eating with friends.


I highly recommended this restaurant. Apparently this restaurant is getting more crowded as the time passes. You know a restaurant is good when there’s a lot of locals there. We ordered their set which has beef, pork and an additional order of mushroom. The service was good and the staff helped us out to cook (which is not the norm because usually people cook themselves), perhaps they helped us out because we were tourists.

It was an satisfying dinner!

After that they brought me to explore Hongdae and then we happen to pass by SE7EN’s restaurant but I didn’t tried their dishes.

Our destination was this famous noraebang call and there were a lot of celebrities who went there before like 2AM and Jea.

Didn’t took a picture of the place that we sang. Basically it’s a cozy Korean style room and there were booklets of the songs titles on the table. We were a bit lost how to use the noraebang machine and constantly asked for help. And the guy who served us was rather amused over the fact that I could speak Korean.  His reaction was quite epic. Haha~ We sang for about 1 hour with all the songs that we know like 2AM, Japanese songs and etc, and then took the subway to our lodgings~

So this marks the end of my 2nd day in Seoul 🙂


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